Sunday, May 9, 2010

To Know Your Heart

Even when you know the storm is coming, it still hits harder than you'd expected. But the peace that comes, when you allow it, is beyond understanding. My heart is beyond heavy and the tears seem to be never ending. But my soul is soaring on wings of eagles. Which is hard, even for me, to believe.

I got in the car today after church and sat in silence for quite awhile. Just listening for my Father. Feeling His embrace. Drowning out all that surrounded me and just being nothing more than silent in His presence. Then felt the Lord urge me to turn the radio on. I did, and this song was just starting. I've never heard it before. It was perfect. Thank you, Father. For loving on me so completely. For comforting me beyond what any human can offer. For being my Friend Who sticks closer than a brother. For being my Shelter. For hiding me in the shadow of Your Wing. I love you, always. With YOU all things work together for my good. You've never failed me, so I won't doubt in You now.

Love you guys. Oh, and Happy Mother's Day. You are beautiful, adored, cherished and valued. Not even one of you is alone. Even if you feel that way. He is always with you.

We'll chat soon..


  1. Sarah, sounds like a rough day. I'm glad you found some peace there too.

  2. Sarah - Your words are a healing balm. Thanks for being open about your struggles and victories. A woman's heart is the deepest of colors, the richest of harmonies, and there is no end to the volume of its riches. A look into yours brings healing to mine. I love you and thank you for sharing your life. Love, Ma

  3. Thank you, Judy. :)

    My Momma! I didn't realize you read my blog. How very nice :) Love you. And without you (and Dad) I wouldn't have a clue as to how much my Jesus loves me. So, thank YOU. Your words and teaching and nurturing over the years has brought me healing and strength beyond what you could imagine. And, you introducing me to the *Source* of that healing and strength has meant everything.