Monday, May 3, 2010

Help! I've fallen..but I got up.

Our Golden Retriever has serious separation issues. When we leave, she digs to try to get out..not even near a gate..that would take too much brainy activity. She just literally goes crazy and starts maniacly digging and drooling and shaking and running. So, we can't leave her outside. And we can't leave her in the dog kennel because she does the same thing in there that she does outside. So we get home and she is sopping wet with drool. Gross. SO, we leave her in the garage when we leave. That worked well for awhile cuz I think she kinda figured we were inside, not gone. Then at some point she figured it out and started flipping out..trying to eat herself into the house by destroying the doorframe. Stellar. So, we now baracade the door. We put the kennel in front of half of it and then the baby gate on the other half of it so she can't get at it. It actually works really well. She just walks around with my slipper in her mouth and waits for us to get home. Sweet!

All of THAT to say..I had it all set up in the garage the other day (Friday) and noticed that I had forgotten to put her bed down on the concrete for her to lay on. And, J was bringing out her bowl of water and I didn't want him to have to climb over the gate. So, I went over the gate. Literally. The tip of my shoe caught on the handle of the mop that was wedged in between the wall and gate and I went flying. In the nano seconds between standing and laying, I thought, I could keep trying to regain balance, or I could just fall. I thought, screw it, I don't even care. And, I fell. Full force onto the ground. Pounding my entire right side into the concrete. Probably wasn't the best idea. But, I'm tired people. There comes a point in life where you just decide, screw it, I don't want to fight anymore. And that was the moment I had in the garage. I just didn't feel like trying to fight against something that was going to happen, in some form, anyway. So, I jacked up my shoulder pretty good. Shooting pains everywhere. But, it's all better now. I got a nasty concrete burn (like a rug burn) with a hideous bruise all around it and then on my thigh I have a huge bruise in the shape of the outside of my fist (think donut)..which my thigh firmly landed upon. Of course, my hips always hurt (thank you Hartmann family tree) so this only made that lil problem about a million times worse. No biggee.

So then on Sunday, Amber, Val and I were supposed to go hiking. But between the weather and my "fall", the hike was out. This was going to be the repeat of the death hike I did last year with Val. Some of you will remember that hike. It is straight from the pit of hell, but so worth it. So, I told Amber I thought I'd be fine to just walk on flat ground..just not ready to go push myself up the hill for hours on end. SO..she came over and we walked..and walked..and walked. I wanted to finish a loop that Tierney and I had started a few months back. And, we did! My hips were hurting pretty good by half way through..and when we got done they really hurt. Some would have stopped. I told my body to suck it up. I was busy. We ended up walking over 7 miles. I can hardly walk yesterday night and today. Cool, right? LOL My poor, poor hips. One day they will realize that I'm not giving in. Or, they'll win and I'll get a hip replacement..whatever. Either way, I'm gonna keep walkin.

So, back to Friday. We were getting ready to leave because Ash was gone for the weekend to Montana for Bible Quiz, and J was going to my parents' house for the weekend. AND, Chris was taking me out for my belated Birthday dinner and outing over the weekend (specifically that night). So, it was super cool to destroy myself just as we are getting ready to walk out the door, right!?! LOL Chris said, "Babe, maybe we should just stay home." I said, to hell with that. We are going OUT. Us Mother's have to take it where we can get it! We stopped and got some bandaids and a huge bottle of ibuprofin. I took a bunch and felt better. See, honey!?! I'm totally ready to go out! ;) We had a blast. Yummy dinner, great movie (Date objectional moment but otherwise great), walk around the mall for our breakfast the next day (Mrs. Powell's Cinnamon Rolls) and a stop by The Cheesecake Factory for our to-go desserts. Then home to overdose on Ibuprofin relax.

Saturday we laid around totally lazy..oozed around like beached whales as we ate the cinnamon rolls. Then went out to grab some lunch, a birthday present for our weekly birthday party (haha) and a dessert. Then over to his brother, Dave and Amber's house for dinner. Had super fun there, I grinned through the pain and kept popping pills.

Sunday, we again lazed around and ate the rest of the cinnamon rolls..and then my walk..and then a birthday party..then Ash came home! And then the real hip pain set in. And now here we are. :) The family is trying to be nice to me and not make fun of how stupid I look when I walk..well, in reality, this isn't the first time this has happened. My hips actually despise me and do this often, just not this bad.

In the meantime I was able to get all of our laundry done, and grocery shop, get the library books returned, solve quite a few crossword puzzles, have a race down a parking lot with J (it doesn't hurt hardly at all to run..weird, right?), and go through yard sale stuff! It was a FABULOUS weekend!!!

Well, there's the update. It was a long one, huh. I have to figure out how to stop rambling so. But..then..I wouldn't be me.


  1. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah...don't you know that falling is my shtick? I hope you are feeling better soon and I'm amazed at all you accomplished in spite of your fall. Have a good week and stay upright!

  2. haha! We better never go anywhere together without someone who can't help us up when we fall! :)

  3. Sarah - even pain has a funny side with you! Gotta love it! And, no no no! do not learn to stop rambling... I love that part! Hope you are doing way better today.

  4. Doing MUCH better today! Cleaned all day and then went walking. :0) Hope you had a nice day, too! And, yay, I'm glad you don't mind my rambling! heehee