Monday, September 15, 2008

Hello ladies & gents.

So, starting to hear from Houston folk. That's nice :) Our friend Monica that just moved about 20 min away from our old house only had damage to her fence. Friends Rob & Lisa said they're good to go (5 minutes from our house). Friends Kim & Bryan up in Dallas got missed all together (minus rain n some wind), so I assume my cousin Amy is doin great too since she's near there. ANDDD the guy who is in charge of our house says that they are still assessing all of the properties but that everyone is ok and he has only heard of/seen shingle/fence damage, if any, on the houses. So that's great news!! SO glad. Thanks for prayin with us. :) What looked to be a horrible thing, even in our area, turned out not to be "that bad". Although other areas definitely are. I haven't been able to get the livecams for Kemah and Galveston to come up yet so I guess they're either still w/o power (as are most of the bazillions of folk) or the cameras are trashed..or both! But hopefully soon I can see if our fave restaurant is still there. If not, there's another location in Houston..just doesn't hold the same memories as the one in Kemah. I was glued to the Weather Channel all weekend. Anyhoo, everyone is safe and that is a blessing.

The weekend was long and tiring, even though it actually was relatively quiet by our standards. We're all feelin kinda icky still. Well everyone except J. Rockband 2 came out yesterday so we had to bust that out. Matt & Laura stopped by and we rocked out for awhile then later we played online rockband2 with Bruce & Robyn..also fun!

Ash must have turned off her alarm in her sleep this mornin cuz when Chris went to wake J up at 7:15 (he was already awake of course, playing in his room), she still wasn't up! Her throat is hurting her pretty good, too. Anyway, I lay in bed trying to push out the morning. Then J came in and crawled into bed with me and lay there quiet for awhile..until I tickle bugged him. Then it was on! We had fun and giggled, then it was time to go make him some breakfast..but by the time I got done brushing my teeth Chris met me in the hall saying he had just fed him. Sweet! Anyway, took both kiddos to school and then came back home to check up on stuff. Hubby & I made each other a super yummy breakfast.

Now I must go get ready for work. I'm goin in at 1 now, did I tell you that? Well, I am. Which is kinda throwing a wrench in my schedule. I'm a creature of habit..or have become one since marrying Chris. Spontaneity has gone out the window! But, that's ok..most of the time ;)

Seems that some of my blogging buddies are having a hard time this last week. I'm prayin for you and loving you! You're not alone my sweeties :)

Have a great day, love you!


  1. Good to hear the damage was minimal for the house and surroundings. Grandpop still hasn't heard from his sister (in Lufkin Tx) but seems to think that the phones and power are still down (millions without in Texas and Louisiana) but they did talk to her youngest daughter and she said they were fine - in a shelter. Don't know about their houses yet.
    Sorry to hear ya'll are still fighting a bug ... hang in there and take your vitamins!
    Love ya...

  2. Huh? Are you saying I ruined your spontaneity? Nice hon, real nice. :D

  3. Lets just say we have different desires for our spontaneity. Yours would be "Lets go play basketball at the school!" And mine would be, "Lets hop in the car and drive up to Crouch to hunt for pine cones!" :)

  4. You are such a doll and I can't wait to meet you someday. I have your canisters bought just not sent yet but fear not they will be on their way soon. Whenever you lift the lid of one of them, I want you to think about how you lift my spirits. Thank you, Sarah!

    PS, so glad nothing serious happened to your friend's or your properties in TX.

  5. Oh I absolutely will think of you everytime I use the canisters..I'm just SO excited to be part your life. Thank you! :)