Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Well, hey there.

It's been a few days I suppose. Have had a few irritating moments..folk doing inconsiderate things w/o thought to how it would affect someone else's day..u know. Fun things like that. So, I thought it best I didn't blog to just complain. :)

On to bigger and better things. Oh wait..this week has been so crazy it's been hard to have a lot of exciting things! But, Monday we had a nice quiet breakfast together. Chris really outdid himself. The kids and I ate until we almost blew up! Then later that night after our family time was over Matt came over and we had dinner together, the smoked pork loin we had had in the smoker all afternoon. It was SOOO yummy. We relaxed and chatted and played some Phase 10 (card game) while Matt smoked turned out so flippin good. I'm gonna be making more. This might be the part where I should insert that you can find a smoker easily and for not an exorbitant amt of money..AKA just like the bumper sticker on the trucks say, "Yes, I have a truck. No I will not help you move." My official bumper sticker is, "Yes, I have a smoker. And Cabela's sells one for YOU, too." ;) Have I mentioned I'm PMS'ing? Anyhoo, then at some point that evening I saw Andrew (my nephew) sitting out on the sidewalk on the side of our house by himself, eating snacks out of a bag. The boys had come over earlier in the morning and we had to tell them "Not today guys, it's our Anniversary." But, I figured what the heck..the day's almost over anyway. So, I went out and asked him what he was doin, why he was all alone..if he just needed alone time. He said, yes, that he was just having some quiet time..but turned out he wouldn't mind going to get Cody and coming back to play for a bit. (heehee) And, so they did. They stayed for awhile and played outside and then we sent them home and sent the kiddos to bed..and Matt went home. I made Ashley's lunch for the next day, crawled upstairs..oozed into bed and began snoring. It was a DAY I tell you!

Then Tuesday I worked on J's room all morning, gutting it of trash, and toys that had become useless. Finally painted & hung his coat hanger for the wall thing..u know, the long board with lots of hanging pegs on them. I painted it camouflage. It's cool. Then I rushed into work and worked HARD for 3 hours. We were swamped after the holiday weekend. Then after work raced down to Macaroni Grill to take Jess out for her birthday dinner, FINALLY. Then we went and got some things for a baby shower she's throwing and then to Starbucks for tea/coffee and a treat and then just chatted and laughed and screamed and vented the night away. It was GREAT, and much needed.

Today I worked all day and now am home just long enough to eat and hear Ashley's memory scriptures for her Teen Bible Quiz team thing and then rush off to Wednesday night church. We're starting our separate classes tonight for 4+/- weeks. The ladies are covering the book How To Stop The Pain (in our book club for this month should you be interested) and the men are doing Why Great Men Fall: 15 winning strategies to rise above it all. Should be really good. I'm looking forward to it.

The little ... ANGELS are upstairs screaming bloody murder at each other. Aww, that's my favorite. Always brings joy to Mommy's heart.

Now I just got to yell..ahh a little release. Quickly replaced with anger and wonder as to why my son now has gum in his carpet. Mostly b/c he's not allowed to have gum. Deep cleansing breaths Sarah, deeeeep cleansing breaths..

Tomorrow morning I'm going to help Jess clean a house and then go to my normal job. Then, THEN, THEN!!! We actually have a night off..but only b/c an appt cancelled. We're turning off the phones and dead bolting the door and turning off the lights and whispering at a low level as not to be found. ;)

Friday I will clean all morning and then run some errands and then go to work. After work Kristi is comin over to cut our hairs and color mine! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great way to end the week.

Then the weekend will be busy, too, but we plan to hermitize (is it a new word? I try) as much as humanly possible. Since school has started, family time is precious and hard to find. But, there I go whining again! Ok, I'll stop.

Mom and Dad are enjoying their time in Maui..said they went to on a beautiful 45 minute walk this morning. I'm imagining myself there right now. Eating mass amounts of the dark chocolate covered strawberries of hugely unusual size..the kind that only Hawaii can offer.

OH another cool thing, we got a coffee table and end table from our neighbors this weekend (they were renting, but just bought a house a block away) for FIFTEEN DOLLARS!!!!!!!

Well, I've got to go clean the gum out of the carpet now before we have to go. Have yourselves a great night! Find time to decompress and enjoy the evening, I plan to, too. :)

**A FEW HOURS LATER......turns out there was no gum in or on the carpet..just big sis trying to get lil bro in trouble for what she "thought" "looked" like gum. And begins my singing chant.."Peeeeeaaaace like a river, flows through me"


  1. Suddenly. Tired. Very, very tired.

  2. Its ok now. I'm here! :D

  3. You always make me giggle, you have such a talent at writing ... luv it!

  4. I love hermitizing....the fact that you have made a new word that I will be using and also that you plan to do it. Everyone should hermitize. It is very healing and reviving.