Monday, September 8, 2008

OOPS, I forgot I was supposed to put the 7 Odd Facts About Me thing on my page! Sorry, Joni!

I'll post 7 odd facts and then you all are supposed to do the same on your blog, k? :)

1. I love my Dads dog, Nezka, and I often daydream of ways to kidnap her. Dave suggested that maybe I tell him if he'll give me the freezer in his garage, I'll give him Nezka back when he returns from Maui. Otherwise I'll be forced to hold her hostage.'s a good idea. I may have to try it. But, in all truth, I could never take my Dad's baby from him. I would forever feel guilty b/c I know how much he loves that sweetie.

2. I love beans. I love eating refried beans and nothing else. Just a bowl of beans. Chris thinks I'm crazy. I love bean burritos for breakfast. When I'm sick, I want a bowl of refried beans with sour cream and cheese and salsa in it. I just LOVE beans!! In fact, Jaden did a school project last year where he had to write a poem to me and in the part where he had to fill in the part of something that I (me) love, he wrote "BEANS!" Good boy.

3. I love blankies. I cuddle in blankies all year round. Doesn't matter if it's 20* or 110*. I love them. And if it's summertime, I complain about being hot. Chris says, "TAKE OFF THE BLANKET!" I say, "NO!"

4. I have a sick obsession with my dog. I could watch her allll day. Everything she does is so stinkin cute (unless it's not). She's fluffy and soft and cuddly and loving and never shows sign of aggression. She just loves.

5. I can't hardly stand meat. The smell of it..the look of it..the texture of it..oh sick. I just hate it. I force myself to eat it. The smoker is helping.

6. Hair on the bathroom sink makes me want to go postal. I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So disgusting to go to the place you are to get clean and find filth in it. GRRR

7. Trash on the floor. WHY should trash be on the floor? It shouldn't.

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  1. From your list I was almost thinking that you were a child of mine until you said that you hate meat. We have quite a few odd things in common according to your list.