Friday, September 12, 2008

It's been an interesting few days..I've been so exhausted I haven't put much effort into blogging. I could sleep all day but at night I just sit there, staring..still don't go to sleep till around midnight. GRR Oh, and btw, I don't sleep all day so that's not why I can't sleep. In fact I never get naps anymore! waaahhhh it's ok, don't cry for me Argentina.

Our books still didn't come in for the bible study at church..hmm. Maybe I'll check in with them today. They were supposed to be in Wednesday but were never delivered.

The kiddos are doin great, having fun with school and actually getting along better at home, too. It's scary, but I'm going with the flow. heehee

Chris & I woke up this morning feeling a little cold-ish. Threw back the RM-10 and my vitamins, will continue to chug water, and hope to stop the cold once again! :) (we fought this off a week or so ago, this is round 2! TKO is in sight)

Yesterday was 9/11 (duh). I got home and asked the kids what school did to remember those who lost their lives/family members that day, etc. J said, "Nothing." Ash said, "The band walked through the halls playing The Star Spangled Banner and that was it." I said, "No one said ANYTHING?" They said, "No." WOW. WOWWW. I just couldn't believe it. Well, I guess sadly, I could. The country who would "Never Forget" seems to have done just that. The thing is, no matter how or why it happened that day, it DID. And people lost their lives, and they deserve to be remembered. Families were changed forever. Our service men & women gave everything. *sigh*

And, then onto hurricane Ike. As many of you know, we still have our house in Houston. Investors are in control of it and renters are in it. The investors are responsible for it and have insurance on it, but it is still in our name. It's too difficult to explain so I'll just leave it alone. Other than to say, it's in one of those deals where you see signs on the side of the road for lease to own houses..or "we buy houses"'s that deal. The lease dudes are in the house and have been for a few years but have yet to be able to purchase it for whatever reason. Anyway, we still have a lot of friends down there and are sad today, not being able to be there to help them. Although, I can't say I'm sorry to miss the storm! There are just so many of our favorite areas that as of tomorrow morning will be under water. Breaks my heart. Texas is "my home" even though we only lived there for 2 years and I couldn't wait to get back to family in Idaho, Texas will forever be in my heart. You know the whole, "I left my heart in San Francisco" deal. So, please just pray for everyone involved. If there's one thing we know, Texans are strong and can get through anything. Chris is working hard with his team, preparing for disaster recovery (he works at Hewlett Packard) with Houston. We know how the streets and neighborhoods can flood just from a normal Texas rainstorm, so the hurricane will obviously be capable of causing much more havoc. And, with HP mainsite preparing for disaster I can't help but think..umm..mainsite is less than one mile from my house in Houston. Anyway, Chris is on call right now, too, so, it's gonna be a busy weekend. Please keep him in your prayers, too, that he'd be alert and able to work quickly to do what is required..and that he would have a calming effect on others through the storm. ...I remember most today the day we went down to Kemah with Barbara when she was visiting and sat in the Pappadeaux restaurant (my favorite) overlooking the bay. It was beautiful that day and we had such a good time. According to the surge/storm reports, that restaurant will most likely not be there anymore come Saturday morning. Or, if it is, it will be out of commission. *sigh*

Mom n Dad n Carolyn are still enjoying beautiful Maui. Just got more pics this morning. Glad they're getting this break, they all need it.

I'm now the co-coach for Junior Bible Quiz at church. This is the one that J will be involved with, we start Sunday. I think Chris might end up helping with Ash's Teen Bible Quiz team. Might as well since the kids and I will be at church an hour early on Sunday's! Plus, Ash would like it if he could. Our first competition meets will be in October. J's will be in Nyssa and I think Ashley's is in Meridian. But her schedule isn't sitting in front of me..

Well, I know I'm rambling..have a wonderful day. Love you guys


  1. I've been so busy with work that I haven't paid much attention to the storm, so without being too aware about what is going on, I certainly hope that your house is going to be okay. I didn't forget yesterday. I remembered it as though it had just happened and I am discouraged that our schools didn't keep our children aware. That's the thing with us, we put stickers on our cars and banners on our websites but really do people stop and think of those who died and say a prayer. More didn't than did, I would venture to say. Chris won't have to go to Texas will he? He's just on call for the headquarters here or what?

  2. I know, it's so sad. Especially for families like yours, having sons who work so hard and then don't get the respect they deserve.

    I don't think he'd have to go down..they just have to take care of all of Houstons work from here (or wherever the rest of the team is..they're spread out). But, you can't fly into Houston anymore now anyway..they've shut 'er down! Listening to his boss talk this morning was upsetting..he said his house will be right in the eye of it should it stay on the path it's on. But that he will let everyone know when it passes that he's still ok so no one worries.

  3. Prayers and concerns are with everyone in the path of this yet another hurricane in this long season! Just have to sit tight and bear with it.
    9/11 - I know, this country is so young really that it's easy to forget. I want the kids to remember - and to be thankful for their freedom and relative safety. Of course, I said that (still do) about the OK City bombing, too. Sigh... if we don't remember, we will repeat it....