Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I had quite a bit of fun on http://www.yearbookyourself.com/ tonight! It's a site where you can put your face into a picture they already have..And the best was saved for last! I just have to say, that is NOT my double chin! Yes, I have one, but that's not it! LOL Anyhoo, I thought you'd enjoy seeing them. A few of 'em ain't bad!

Was a busy day today..work was interesting. Some changes goin on. Good on my end, not so good on others'. But, what can you do. At any rate it's a bit stressful.

Hubby took us out to El Gallo Giro (my fave mexican restaurant here) for dinner tonight. Gosh I love it there. Then we came home, fed the kiddos some dessert, played with the dogs, read our book and then sent J to beddy bye (he goes a half hour earlier than A). Then Chris, A and I all sat in the office listening to music and finding super sweet tunes that we all can enjoy. We found quite a few..then we sent her off to bed, too.

Then I sat here and chatted with my Myspace buddies (What's that? You have a myspace and we're not friends yet? Let me know!) for awhile. Then ventured over to my crappy Facebook account and that ended my enjoyment. Good GOD whoever created that site needs a good beating. Everyone interested in this type of site should be on Myspace and that's all there is to it.

Well, my shoulders hurtin me (no, not the part that requires surgery..just the part that requires a massage or adjustment!) so I'm gonna go up to bed. Gotta work early anyway. Have a great night and know that I love you!


  1. Wow - you are so brave!!! Great hair!

  2. Those pics made me laugh so hard. LOVE EM!! Gonna go see Swede today. When I hear that name I think of 3rd person Swede on P.R. ... lol

  3. Oh good! I hope you'll love him as much as we do! He's fabulous.

    That's funny about PR..I hadn't made that connection! Swede is like Sweden (SWEEEED) But, now when I see our PR I'm gonna think of him every time!

  4. Oh wait, didn't he just get voted off? Or was it LEATHA girl..crap I can't remember what's goin on with anything anymore