Saturday, September 27, 2008


Chris is working on re installing my computer, or whatever it's called. Blasted virus has taken away so much of my computer time! ;) How annoying. I feel so behind on everything. Hopefully everything will run smoothly after he's done.

Mom came and got the kiddos this morning to take them downtown to some History thing where people dress up in "old time" clothes and tell stories about history. I'd rather saw my arm off with a sharp tooth pic than endure that crap. But, the kids will enjoy it I'm sure! ANyhoo, then Chris & I got ready to go down the street to a new subdivision being built b/c they were offering free lunch, live country music (not contemporary country but REAL country), games, etc. Well, anytime I can get a free lunch and get to walk through houses, it's a great day. So off we went. We ate our little hearts out and toured the 2 houses they had open. We aren't ready to sell/buy, but it's just fun to get ideas. Then we came home and here we are..sittin around. Me, I'm tryin to stay awake.

While Chris was down making our yummy Saturday family breakfast, I got a lot done in the house. Then shortly after Mom left with the kiddos my energy went bye-bye and the headache rolled in for a visit. Fun! But, not unusual. I'll vacuum later. I told Sadie she's not allowed to move anymore b/c she just sheds everywhere. I tell her this a lot but she doesn't listen.

Switched out the summer bedspread for the winter comforter today. Can't believe it's already that time. Well, to be honest, I don't think it is. But, my hubby mightily disagrees with me. And so on it went. It looks so pretty, whether I'll be sweating my butt off, or not.

Corinne's Gramma passed away on Monday night after a short battle with leukemia, it's been a rough month, as I've shared with you all. I put in a lot of extra hours last week and will work a few extra this coming week, too. No problem, extra cash is good when surgery is on the horizon!

Speaking of surgery, I will have my ultrasound on Tuesday..hmm.

Well, I'm gonna wrap this up. It's a great day outside, perfect weather. It was nice to get out and enjoy it a bit. It's even nicer to have this house all to ourselves. We have no one to entertain or take care of. It's just the two of us!!!! Sometimes it seems like these days will never come. But Gramma Edens assures me that one day it will just be me & my hubby and that there will actually be moments of boredom! WHAT! No way..well, we'll see! :)

Love you guys. Take care of you :) Oh, and pls pray for Chris' Dad, he's having some medical problems..they're running tests so see what's goin on. But He and Aldo are stressed and worn out from so much going on over the last few years.


  1. The living history day at the historical museum - awesome, but only if ya like that kind of thing. Did the kids enjoy it?

    Hope your computer gets well soon - wouldn't it be great to have anti-biotics for computer virus? Hey Chris, any brilliant ideas that way?

    It was a perfect weather day to go visiting new houses - and a free lunch, too! Did you get some ideas? Anyway, it was nice, I'm sure to just wander around looking too.

    Love you guys! Thanks for the pictures of Ashley's flocking group! They look like they have a blast!

  2. Did Ash and J enjoy the day with the grandma and the history lesson? Hope they had a great time. Sounds like you guys had a great day too with free food, music and home tours. Did you get any new ideas? I don't think that you really NEED anything to improve your home, but you never know.
    What time on Tuesday is your appointment? Mine is at 9:30 A.M and I got a call today telling me I have an MRI scheduled for 7:30 P.M. on Wednesday. Let's keep each other posted.
    Our love to you, Chris, Ash and J with big hugs and kisses, too. Thank you for including us in your prayer group. We appreciate it greatly. You are in our prayers, as well.