Monday, September 8, 2008

Hi :)

So I totally forgot to tell you that we got to go see Chris' Gramma Bea on Saturday! Sometimes I question my brains. Anyway, she looked great. Tired. But great. She said her hip is still hurting her, but she is having PT everyday and hopes to be able to put pressure on it soon. Renee and Troy were out there, too. Poor Troy is working himself silly. He's a good man. And, the bathroom and ramp looked awesome. Uncle Bob & the kiddos went out back and picked us a ton of veggies and cantaloupe from the garden. We were chatting our little hearts out and then realized how late it was! CRAP we were gonna be late to Dave n Amber's! So we left. It was good anyway cuz Gramma was looking pretty worn out. She hadn't slept well the night before. Says it takes her 2 days to get used to being back in her bed. So hopefully by now she is well rested! Told Uncle Bob that she was going to need to take 9 of the RM-10's a day and just 1 of the Primal Defense Ultras/day for her Lupus. He didn't look too sure that she would be willing to take 9 RM-10's. But, I hope she will. She will feel so much better. Anyway, Grampa was sweet as ever, making sure we had chairs to sit in and smiling from ear to ear. I sure love him.

Well, yesterday was GREAT. The london broil turned out great (and I hate cow meat!), and so did the jerky. The corn on the cob that we smoked, however, turned out like camel anus. It tasted like corn that you would get in an old diner filled with cigarette smoke. I HATED IT. Chris and the kids loved it though. After dinner we all went upstairs and hung out, played with the dogs..watched a little DOG: The Bounty Hunter (woohoo, Joni! heehee), and Chris read last night to me & the kids. I was too tired to read. We're in the middle of The Pilgrim's Progress. My Mom used to read it to us in the summer when we were kids. My kids are loving it, too! And, even cooler, we're reading from the same book. It's all old and some of the pages are loose. It's fun though :)

This week so far looks like it will be quiet, which scares me. What's coming that I've forgotten about!?! ;)

Have a great day guys. Love you!!!


  1. Hey was the stupid Dog the Bounty Hunter/psychologist/preacher? That guy drives me nuts. He's so confused about who he really is. =) Glad to hear about the Gramma. Hope she just keeps getting better and better. I love the fact that you guys read together as a family. You are an awesome bunch of kids and I just love being a part of your day in your blogs!

  2. HEY BRA!! I totally agree with you in that he's confused as to who he really is. But, then again, aren't we all at times! I just pray he keeps looking up, and growing.

    We started reading together earlier in the year, trying to do it everynight. We're already a close family, but this has brought us even closer. I love it!