Thursday, March 19, 2009

Here we are..another day :) But THIS day involves SUN! And a wee bit of warmth! Ok, it's not really warm. But it's not freezing. And it's progress people, it's progress. Before long I will be sitting on my back patio with ice tea, in a tank top that's too small matched with shorts that are too tight, BBQ smokin, and telling Chris, "It's kinda hot..we better go inside." THAT WILL BE FAB!!

Can't decide if I'm gonna do a Cinco De Mayo party this year. It would be the first year in a long time we don't do it, but I'm just not sure I want to. I mean I want to, but do I WANT to. I'll think about it. I'd rather have it than go somewhere else to have it. But last years brought so much stress, even though it turned out great. Maybe I'll scale it down and just make everything on my own instead of having to rely on others to do things. That's where my stress always comes in. I don't want the help but everyone always wants to help. Which only makes it worse for me even though they think they are making it easier. I'm talking in circles..thinking out loud..let's move on.

J is having fun with plastic bugs. He's got them all spread out on the carpet behind me. I'm not real into that whole deal, but I keep quiet. It's his joy, who am I to steal it.

We're prolly havin nachos for dinner. Can't decide. Chris said nachos or me I can't see the difference between the two..both are delish and involve the same ingredients.

I'm feeling a bit better today than I was yesterday (or whenever the last blog was). Had some good worship time on the way to work this morning..good start to a long day. Also got a super good devo from Pastor Laurie today. Passed it on to a few folk..if you want it and didn't get it let me know.

Well, I'm afraid I don't have much to share. Oh..I did talk to Mom. She said that the doctors think they can just do spot radiation on Al's L5 (section of his spine) and hopefully that will help. I guess Jackie took him into the ER last night, he was in excruciating pain, none of the drugs they were giving him were helping at all. She thought she was gonna lose him. But, he's still here. Thank God. And, from the sounds of it, not in as much pain so that's a good thing.

I'm off to assist with dinner and hopefully steal a QUIET moment with my man while we brown the meat and shred the cheese for our din din.

Love you love you

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