Saturday, March 7, 2009

Last night after work Chris had plans to go out with his buds, so he dropped the kiddos off to me at work. I had to work till 5 because it was a cleaning the grandparent's house day. Anyway, the kids wanted to go do something and so I called my Mom to see what they were up to for the evening. She said come on over and she'd feed us. So, we did! She made fried boneless chicken cutlets and rice pilaf and a delish salad. I brought a tuxedo cake from Fred Meyer for dessert (it was delish)! Dad came down from workin upstairs and we all ate..then chatted and watched part of Big Daddy. Then the kiddos and I headed home. Got home by some books with the kids and looked at J's homework and then sent them off to bed. I tried to wait up for Chris but failed around 11:40. He said he got home around midnight. Dang! Oh well.

Then we got up this morning and talked for awhile in bed about our nights and then had to get up and get ready for our mornings. Chris had to go to a drama practice for awhile and I had to work for awhile. Afterwards the kids and I came home and got Chris, we went and rented the Chihuahua movie, got some lunch and came home. Quickly after lunch I fell asleep in my cozy chair and Chris watched one of his shows. The kids did their chores. As usual, they have maybe 30 minutes worth of chores and have managed to spread them out over 3 1/2 hours (so far). Ridiculous. But, whatever. I think they might be done soon. We'll see.

Chris found out a few minutes ago that, although I am a Kevin Costner fan, I have not seen Dances With Wolves (I haven't seen a lot of his movies to be truthful). He's dumbfounded and says I have to watch it. He's recording it. I don't like Mary McDonnell (or whatever her name is) at all and she's in it..ick. But whatever, I'll watch it anyway. I saw a small part today where they were throwing sugar into the coffee mugs. Funny :) I doubt the rest of the movie is really all that funny. I don't like western movies for the most part..or war movies. For example, Born on the 4th of July..I'd rather have my toenails ripped out than sit through that again.

Ashley has made herself some dice shoes. She has big hard dice..the size of the dice you see in cars. And she has taken shoelaces and attached them to the bottoms of her feet. She's having a great time. I'm silently hoping she doesn't break her ankles. I figure all kids need some excitement..and this happens to be hers. haha (just fyi..btw..I don't like to use the word "die" I like to use the word "dice")

J is having fun of his own, rearranging the game closet. He doesn't want any ones help. He says he wants to make room for some more of "our stuff".

I've eaten only 2 Samoa's today. That's good, right? Much healthier than eating 2 SamoaN's. hahaha. Ok I'm probably in need of meds. But that was funny to me.

Ahh, turns out J is rearranging the closet because he's hoping to get paid. In this house you don't get paid for doing're part of the family, you act like it. But if you go above and beyond what a family member would be responsible for doing, you become eligible for some allowance (or Gallo Giro tacos if it's ME heehee).

Sometimes kids are like a swarm of bees. Loud, invasive, annoying and deadly. The kids are now officially done with their chores and are looking a lot like bees. We better entertain them before they overtake us completely.

Have a great weekend. Loves to you!


  1. Hope J got a good allowance for all his HARD work and for helping out so much. Wonder what his goal is?
    Hope you enjoyed the movies.
    We rented the begining of the Dark Shadows series. They are so cool. We hope to watch them all. It sure brings back a lot of memories. Wierd ones, but memories, just the same.

  2. He didn't get any allowance. He quit doing it..but it would have gone to paying Ashley back for the perfume of hers that he decided to pour out.