Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ran into Aunt Diane at Winco this afternoon, how fun was that! We always run into Renee (her daughter) there, so it was kinda funny. ANyway, we had a good chat in the produce aisle and then later in the store she scared the sin right out of me in one of the other aisles.

I needed to get fresh berries for the cake Chris is making with the kids tonight (J brought home the recipe), and then for the cake I am making for my bro and Laura. We're having a combo party for them. Matt wanted white cake with white I'm making that. We decided on that before it became a combo party so I don't know what kind of cake Laura would have preferred. SO, I'm making chocolate covered strawberries, too. BUT, I am getting off track. What I wanted to tell you was that Winco had NO berries of ANY kind. NOTHING. Weird, right? I had to go to Pauls to get them. Just what I want to do after grocery shopping, go to ANOTHER store. Lame. But, I got them and they're pretty and no doubt much better than anything Winco would have offered had they not been too busy sucking.

Carolyn is comin into town tonight, yay!! Looking forward to spending time with her. She'll be there for the bday party tomorrow obviously, and then we're hoping to have a lot of time with her this weekend, too. Haven't seen her in a year or so I think. Maybe a bit longer.

Anyhoo..decided I need a break from Facebook. Too much time. Annoying. I'll go back to it next week but I'm taking tomorrow and the weekend off. It's so much more difficult to try to find everything that's going on there. Myspace it's just a quick sign in and you can easily see what's up and then sign off should you choose. Facebook takes 15 minutes to get through all the random crap to see what anyone's really doing beyond planting trees and adopting forests and feeding fish and whatever else they can find to do to get them back to adolescence. Not that I haven't engaged a few times myself. ;) haha

Today was SO slow at work. It crawwwwwwwled. Hoping sales pick up, and quick. We've been doing really well but today..good Lord did we tank. I was able to get caught up on quite a few things and then do a couple extra things that they have been wanting me to do. I still have tons of stuff to catch up on but hopefully we will get busier and I won't have the time! I'd rather be behind and in a job than all caught up and fired. :)

Chris made a delish dinner tonight..tortellini's with zucchini, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, celery and possibly something else. Anyway, I love it that way. Then we had salad and french bread. Yum :)

Well, I better go. J's comin down to read to me and then we have to study Bible Quiz together. Saturday is his last quiz for the year! Or..for the sort of year. It's kind of like school..starts back up after school gets back in, or sometime around there.

Have a great night! Love ya

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  1. I miss so much when I can only read this stuff periodically! Wish I'd win the lottery - really BIG - then we could all go to Fiji!
    Anyway, reading this is a riot - makes me lol! Love the shower thoughts - male and female, essentially different in the shower, in more ways than one! Contemplating in the shower (or bath) must be a girl thing! Looking forward to the JBQ tomorrow. Hope the bday party was fun.
    Love ya'll