Thursday, March 26, 2009

So...I'm sick. Real sick. If you don't know this already, you've been living under a rock. Because, I've been whining and complaining about it like a man. hahaha Anyhoo, I've got a fever (for 2 days), lungs hurt (usual for me when I'm sick), headache, eyes burn, body kills..all the fun stuff. Oh and my nose is all raw and coughing feels like someones stabbing me with hot daggers. I've been quarantined in my bedroom since yesterday at 3:15. it's now 8:05pm. That's almost 29 hours people. 29 hours in bed. These are moments mothers dream of. How come we never get them without sickness? hmm Well, I suppose it's true, be careful what you pray for..or pray in detail. haha No more "Lord I need a break, I don't care how it comes, I need a break." From now on, I will pray, "Lord I need a break. I nice Fijian break with plenty of money and no "stuff" to deal with when we get home. Amen."

Ash and Chris seem to be totally over the sickness, and never got it like I have. Jaden still has a nasty cough and a headache, but no fever. He always gets a nasty cough when he gets sick though, so not unexpected really.

The drama team seems to be slowly getting better. A lot of them have had this sickness too..they have a huge competition this weekend so we've been praying they'd be well. And, it looks like they will be! Maybe not 100%, but close!

Chris' Gma is home now, in case you didn't hear. From what we hear, she's doing well. Thanks for the prayers.

It's so hard to type with punctuation on this laptop!!! I'm constantly either typing like a 1st grader, or having to go back and delete all the time.

It must be a nice day out. I finally opened the blinds and the window awhile back and I'm not freezing!

The kids are on spring break this week. They're "not doin anything fun, just playing" Oh no. Horrible. Could be in rice fields workin their fingers to the bone. Maybe they'd have fun with THAT. Kids. I understand that it would be fun to go to activities and things. But good Lord.

Have I complained enough? Sheesh.

I watched a Doris Day movie (Send Me No Flowers) today..and also Steel Magnolias. YAY! I loved it.

I stayed home from work today and will miss tomorrow, too. Ash has her competition on Saturday so please keep her and the team in your prayers! We're so excited to watch our team compete and cheer them on!

Have a good night guys. Love you!


  1. Poor baby! Aldo and I have been out of sorts this week, as well. Luckily no fever, but colds and coughs. It's better today and just trying to catch up with all our shit.
    Hope you get to feeling better soon and add your sparkle to the world again. I'm sure it is missed greatly.
    Our best wishes to Ash on her drama production this weekend. Give her a big hug and kiss for us.
    So glad that she and Chris are doing better. Tell J to just hang in there. His time will come.
    Have a great weekend and please keep taking it easy. It will be the best for you.
    We love you with all our hearts.

  2. Sorry you are sick...prayers and support have been winging your way - can ya feel it? Hope you get to go Saturday to the competition. I will beg off - my asthma has been pretty bad this week so I cough a lot! It would be very difficult to stay quiet! So I will send prayers, good thoughts and energy flying to all the KLC kids. I will, however, be at the church on Sunday, if I have to suck a ton of throat lozenges to do it! Get rest, get well. You are loved...