Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My dog is beautiful.

We had a delish dinner tonight. Turkey burgers with bacon and cheeeeeese and potato salad. :) I wasn't really paying attention to what I was doin and added too much mustard and a bit too much mayo..Dave would love it. I had to eat quickly to keep from gagging. But, never fear, I'll be down there tonight getting a big bowl of it. :)

Had a long HOT shower tonight..contemplated being an Avon consultant again and then dismissed it. Then contemplated shaving my head to keep from having to wash my hair..dismissed that thought as well. Then contemplated eating the rest of the cookies I made the other night..dismissed (but up for further debate). Contemplated staying in the shower till the hot water ran cold, but that's a horrible way to end a shower..dismissed. Contemplated getting out of the shower to grab a new bar of soap cuz the one I had was super tiny..that would be cold. Dismissed. Contemplated, again, selling a kidney (and maybe one of the dogs') so I could get to Fiji. Dismissed. Contemplated getting out of the shower to get Chris' razor so I could shave my legs (not head, that was already dismissed.), but that means I'd have to stop standing in the shower doing nothing. Dismissed. Contemplated turning the water off and getting out of the shower to help save the earth. Dismissed, I like showers. Contemplated yelling for Chris so I could have someone to chat with about contemplations. Remembered I locked the bathroom door. Dismissed. I could go on with this for forever, but I'll stop.

It's cold in the game room. I'm covered up in a blankey, it's not helping. COLD!

Chris is helping Ashley with math. It makes me want to hurt myself, and others. I detest learning math. And she detests it. I feel her severe irritation. It transfers to my body instantly. I try to pretend that I'm not irritated for her. I smile. I stay silent. But we both know that it blows..and that Heaven can't come soon enough.

I'm excited for summer. Not sure if I've mentioned that.

Think I'm gonna have to re-evaluate the cookie decision. mmmyep, it's re-evaluated. I won't eat ALL of them. Just more than I probably should. Tomorrow's blog will be on the pitfalls of gluttony.

Until then..know I love you.


  1. Love love looooove the new layout. Daisey's are my fav!!!!

  2. That sure is a lot of contemplating for one shower hon. I usually just think about washing and getting out.

    So are the cookies before or after the additional helping of potato salad? Just want to know which order to bring them to you in. :D

    Love ya!

  3. oops I'm signed in as you..lol. Sarah says: let's do a combo.

  4. I agree with Chris. So many decisions in such a short time span. Just stand there, do your thing, washing your body that is, and just stand there and enjoy the water fall. RELAX! ENJOY!
    Hope the cookies and salad were filling and enjoyable.