Thursday, October 2, 2008

I've been punishing my blogger b/c I have been angry with it. Juvenile, yes. Really, I should punish photobucket. But, whatever. See I was one step away from a sweet new layout for this bugger and then the photobucket thing froze up and the blogger wouldn't let me save my changes. So, I just haven't been back. Maybe tonight I will have a chance to change the layout. I just can't stand it. It's so...fugly.

Anyway, the ultrasound was fine. Wonderful in fact. I asked if I could just stay all day. The ultrasound thingamajig felt GREAT on my back, the bed was ultra comfy, room was nice n quiet and at the perfect temp..ahhhh. I'll try to remember how great it was when I get the bill. heehee Anyway, she sent the stuff over to the radiologist who will then send it over to my doc who will then look them over. blah blah..I'll call him tomorrow, I think, and see what's what.

Week has been long. SO glad tomorrow is Friday. I messed up everything I touched at work yesterday. I got to work at 8, and by 8:15 had my head in my hands, choking back tears. Luckily I'm alone at work till usually around 10 so I had time to compose myself . Corinne came in around 9 help fix the mess I had made. Well, I should explain..they had updated the system the night before and not left a note to tell me..AND had not changed back the settings. So when I went to upload all the new orders I instead uploaded them into some weird file. Then I called Corinne to ask her what the crap was goin on and why the current orders didn't come in..she said no worries, just go delete the ones I imported and she'd be down to fix the settings in a bit. Fine. Sounds great. I begin to think..sweet! Not such a bad morning after all. I go and start deleting the invoices I imported (have never done this before.) You do this by opening the invoice and hitting Control D. Super easy. Nothing rocket science-ey. I start to notice, hey I guess I don't need to close down the window when I hit control D b/c it just brings up the next one..SWEET! One less step for me. After awhile I think..hmm..I wonder why my list isn't getting any shorter. OH CARAPP..and my whole body goes numb, the blood leaves my body, silent hush fills the air..I'm deleting VALID INVOICES instead of the duplicate invoices. HOLY CANOLI. AND this is when my head entered my hands. (I should say that I've also been fighting a horrendous and I do mean HORRENDOUS headache now for the better part of a week and possibly a cold that my kids keep trying to give me. AND yesterday morning I started my period, a day early, out of the blue. Emotions are running high!!) I decide, I'm not calling Corinne to tell her that I've been deleting important files by accident. I think it better to wait to share such news. She comes in awhile later, after I've also realized that every customer that calls that I have to take an order from is being printed on an invoice which shows the date of the day before. Weird. I start to I even know what today is? Where am I? What the hell is goin on? I just want to go home. I was saying, she came in..smiled and asked how it was goin. I said, "It's only gotten worse. Much worse." She says, "Why? What's goin on?" I tell her everything..she says, "Oh man. OK, let me sit down and see what's goin on." Mind you she is not angry..which is what I love about working there. But, I still feel like a moron. She says, "Don't worry about it, this is all part of learning." I say, "OH, is THAT what this is? Learning?" LOL She takes 20 min or so and fixes it all..brings back the stuff I deleted, etc...

Crap..gotta go to work, will finish this later. Stay tuned!!!

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  1. We'll keep our fingers crossed for the outcome of the ultrasound.
    Sounds like you had a frank and aldo day at work. When it rains it pours. Luckily we haven't had one of those for a few days. Just getting ready for my MRI tonight. I'm all set now that those wonderful Broncos did so well last night. It was so exciting to watch it on big screen TV. What a difference it makes.
    Hope the rest of your day is much more relaxed and mellow. Hang in there and take a few deep breathes. It will all work out in the end.
    Love ya and hugs to you all.