Monday, October 27, 2008

Got the MRI results back today, Doc says it revealed that it is a lypoma just as we'd all thought. So, that's good. I'll meet with him on Wednesday to discuss the surgery further and schedule it, too. So, that's out of the way. My friend told me (when I told her it was still a cyst) "Oh good, I was worried it was cancer." Jee, thanks friend. Suck a toe.

Anyhoo, Chris is out makin dinner by himself, I'm sure he'd like some company so I better get goin. Have a great night! Love ya :)

P.S. Captcha has been removed for Val's precious sake..comment away my dear! ;) heehee


  1. Great news! Praise God...
    So, having the surgery is the next step and I'm gonna tell ya again that if you need ANYTHING (all of ya, really, not just the surger-ee) you better holler! Surger-ee isn't really a word but patient has other meanings, huh? Love you all....

  2. HOORAY! Our prayers are still with you until you are done with the whole process. We'll keep those positive vibes going your way.
    Love ya