Monday, October 6, 2008

Mornin :)

Joni inspired me to go back to my old blog style..I had used that site before but had problems with the margins b/c it wouldn't show my side bar properly. I didn't feel like fighting with it, so I moved on with life. But, today I had some time to play with it and got it pretty darn close! The other problem I had with this blog layout site is that sometimes the layout wouldn't show up and instead it would just come up with a plain white if that starts happening, let me know! Until then, we'll just enjoy this purrty layout!

Saturday mornin we all got up and got ready to go to J's first JBQ match in Nyssa. It was a long day, but fun. We carpooled over there with my co-coach and her that was fun for all of us..and easier on the gas! When we got back to Kuna we went to their house and visited for awhile (they live a block away) and then came on home. Shortly after we got home, Jaden got a headache. I told him to go try laying in his bed in the dark for awhile and if it didn't help then I'd give him some medicine. I went in to check on him awhile later and his head was a little better but not I went ahead and gave him some medicine (I try not to give him any because it never works.) As I was doin that I noticed that he was burnin up with a fever! He was just as surprised as I was! Anyway, I texted a few friends n fam and they prayed. Within 10 minutes he was up singing and had no headache and no fever. Awesome! Praise God. I asked him if he had a miracle b/c Grammie and Grampie had just prayed for him..his eyes got all big and he was super excited. For those of you who don't know, when J gets his headaches and fevers they are horrendous and last usually for 3 to 4 days. Eyes totally bloodshot and glassy looking, etc. So this was great! So, then we're all good to go, except that I'm still fighting my headache, but whatever, that's nothing unusual!

Next morning J comes in and says he has a little bit of a headache but is ok. So we start thinking maybe we should keep him home, and Chris will just take Ash down to church for her TBQ practice and then come home. And, I will just call Sherry to let her know she has to coach on her own. Sounds good, I'm getting ready to pick up the phone to call her when Ash comes in and says she just puked. AWESOME! *sigh* OK, that seals the deal, NO ONE's goin to church! We tell Ash to go back to bed and rest. I text everyone and tell them we ain't comin to church/practices today. J comes in and watches the Heffalump (Pooh Bear movie) movie with me. Chris snoozes. I get up after that and make breakfast, then Chris and J go out for dog food and batteries and, chocolate for me :). Ash never pukes again (which is normal, she never holds onto sickness). I fight a headache off and on, but I really think it's just sinus related. Chris feels fine, as usual. J's doin great.

This mornin both kids got up happy as larks and hopped off to school happy as could be. Sweet!

Oh, back to the JBQ match, we got 1st place! Fun :)

Well, that's our weekend. How was yours?

Love you!

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  1. Congratulations to J and his quiz team for winning first place in Nyssa. Keep up the great work. Here's hoping the same to Ash and her team this weekend. Glad to hear that they are both feeling better and may their feel good trend continue. Love you guys.