Friday, October 10, 2008

Well here we are .. another Friday. Sweet Jesus, I love Friday's.

I'm not feeling well, again. Ash is not feeling well, again. The crap seems to be making it's second round through the house. J has a headache still off and on but seems to get past it quickly, so that's good.

The week at work was interesting, full of drama and came to a close with Angie quitting after work last night. Called in at 5:10 to let Corinne know she wouldn't be back. Perfect. Anyway, it's great for me because now I get more hours, and hours that work much better for my family. I now work Monday's 8-4, Tues-Friday 8-3. And then on the days I clean the grandparents, I go into work at 11:45/12 until 5. At this point I will need to work 3 hours one Saturday a month, but it is probably going to phase out. Not a big deal though I'll probably just bring the fam with me on those days, and then we'll just run our errands afterwards.

We're (by we I mean mostly Chris, as he's ordered me to do nothing but go to bed and rest) making our famous creamy tomato soup & grilled cheese sammy's for dinner tonight(tonight I got Gouda and smoked jalapeno white cheddar with jalepeno cheese bread and then a regular sourdough type bread). And pumpkin pie for dessert. My bro is coming over I think. So that will be fun. Haven't seen him in a long time, we've all been so busy.

Tomorrow, as you probably know, is Ashley's first TBQ meet. I feel bad that she's feeling so horrible. Hopefully tomorrow she will wake up feeling awesome and ready to take on the day.

Then after the meet my Mom n I finally get to go have some Mommy Daughter time. I haven't seen her for more than 5 minutes outside of church since before they left for Hawaii. CRAZY!! We're gonna go probably have some lunch and then do some shopping. So, I'm looking forward to that.

Then I'm hoping to come home and just relax with my lil fam and enjoy each other. AND I hope to go to church on Sunday..we've missed two Sunday's and a Wednesday due to this stinkin bug we have. Or wait, maybe we missed one Sunday and 2 Wednesday's. Hmm. Yeah, I think that's right. Anyway, the kids are upset about it.

OK, well I'm feelin crappier by the second so I'm gonna go lay down for a bit. Have a great night guys..and a wonderful weekend!

Love you



  1. Darn those lil' bugs anyway! Hope you are all feeling better after your luscious of my favs! After the very WEIRD snow storm, I'll have to wait and see how things are in the AM before going to Kuna...hope it's better too, just like ya'll! Will call if I can't make it ...or if YOU can't make it, could ya call? Love you all...

  2. Oh, we'll be there..didn't get any snow out here. It was flurrying on me at Winco but nothing here. Guess Boise was the unlucky town to get snow here in the valley ;)