Thursday, October 2, 2008

guess what my grades are!!!! F's!!! JK! ;) actually they are all pretty good. I have all A's andB's. my math grade was just about an F and i got it up to a B in that period. (thats an hour.) isnt that AMAZING!!!!????? i think so. my heart was jumping with joy when i saw my grade go up that stinking fast! :) :0 :) :0
uhhhhh...... doo doo doo doo...... lets see here.... even though my grades are really good, i have quite a few of missing assignments. in life science, we went on a field trip to the sego prarie pond and took water samples for our microscopes. i found a water bear, some bacteria, sand crystals, water mites, and best of all, A FLY LARVAE! it looked sooooo cool and it seemed to just glare at me. (he looked reeeeeaaaallllly mad when i put the cover slip on him cuz he coudn't move. so i named him angry.) then we had to pour him down the sink and i was sad.... :(
( he was also digesting, and i could see his stomach was all wavy and was moving.)
you could really see the detail on that thing! thats all for now!

peace and chow, (lots and lots of it! yum.)


  1. Way to go, sweet thing. Those grades are excellent. Isn't amazing how things look under the microscope? Especially with a real powerful one. You can see INSIDE everything. Keep up the great work and you are right, BSU does ROCK.
    Love you with all our hearts.
    Grandpa and Aldo

  2. YAYYY Ashley! Good for you. Awesome about the bugs you saw too...I know how much you really like those guys! Hope to see you soon.
    Love ya!