Thursday, October 2, 2008

Holy crap just realized that I failed to approve ur comments from the other day..sorry! They're there now. I had read them in my email, just apparently never came over here to approve them. finish my story from earlier this morning (if you missed it, start reading the blog before this one and you'll be all caught up!) So after she got all that junk cleaned up I continued to mess up shipments all day..messed up orders all day. Had a horrible headache..but she got me a big delish Scotch & Soda from Sonic's Drive Thru that was delish. David (her Dad and co-owner) said that I should leave out the soda cuz it ruins the scotch. LOL It was kinda funny b/c none of them had ever heard of a non alcoholic scotch & soda..they thought I just wanted to drink. And, well, it might have been a good idea. Anyway, if you don't know what it is either, it's a sprite with lemon and vanilla.

Then after work I came home, got the sweet fam and went to get groceries. We got home around 8:30, put the groceries away. Heated up the homemade Lava Cakes that Corinne had given me earlier in the day and gorged on those. Oh DELISH. What a perfect way to end a horrible day. Then Chris and the kiddos watched Iron Man and I went to bed and watched my story and Project Runway and then passed out..but it was so hot for some reason last night I kept waking up. Oh well. The kids don't have school today or tomorrow so I got to sleep in this morning. Well, I still woke up around 7:30 but just laid in bed till 8 in the darkness and then turned on the tv and watched some Tim Gunn's Style Rescue or whatever it's called. I love Tim Gunn.

Today at work was good. I had a lot to catch up on with having been so busy while Corinne was gone and got quite a bit done. Corinne was having a hard day. Not feeling well (Gail & I think she's catching our crud) and finally decompressing from last month or so with the illness & death of her Gramma and the funeral and everything else. She just looks worn out. And she is like the energizer bunny, the girl never stops. So, when she looks like she did today I worry. But, I'm sure she'll be ok. She has nothing to do this weekend so I told her, "SLEEP!!!"

Came home to my hubby making me a wonderful dinner tonight, as always. A nice pork roast with the veggies and gravy and then I made some mashed potatoes. It's so nice to come home.

It's an overcast stormy sort of evening and my plans for tonight got canceled so I'm gonna go get in my jammies and relax in my lazyboy that Gramma gave me. I love my Gramma.

Have a wonderful night. I've missed you guys and love you like crazy. Be blessed as you've blessed me :)



  1. Glad your day was better after the computer-from-hell episode. I know that cold, dark feeling - thank goodness Corinne was able to recover the files! How would it be to work somewhere where I didn't worry about people being mad at me...gotta admit, that's the way I try to be, but others???.... Still, I'm glad you have found a 'work home' - you deserve it. Am worn out tonight - but send all my love and have a sweet smiles just thinking of ya'll.

  2. What a day from HELL. Glad that everything turned out well after all. The scotch and soda sounds great, but real scotch would have been even better.
    By the way, what are Lava Cakes? I guess we are out of the loop. It sounds interesting, but would love to know what they are.
    Relax now and have yourselves a great little weekend. Enjoy the love and joys that you all share.

  3. There is a link for a pic and probably some explanation of what lava cakes are!

    Chris made some tonight that were with 72% dark chocolate, then we put whipped cream and strawberries on top.


  4. Here's the link to the actual lava cake recipe we made tonight.

    We don't have ramekins so he made them in our cupcake pan. And, like I said, we substituted in 72% Dark bakers chocolate.