Thursday, October 16, 2008


Just got done scheduling my MRI..finally! It's on the 23rd at 4:30, for those that care :) In other cool news our insurance re enrollment period is in just a few days (before the scheduled MRI) and it is then that I will be able to put all of my copays and deductibles back down. We had them raised up high b/c we never go to the doc, but now I need them low baby, low!! So, it will be nice to have the surgery applied to the new low deductible. Last time I had to do this was when I was prego with Jaden, so that's good. Proves we are healthy folk! ..or just that we don't go to the doctor.

I'm on the 3rd day of taking iodine in hopes it shrinks the cyst, we'll see! The girls at church prayed over me last night, that was great :) I always welcome that & the body tingles that come with it! I'm not against miracles, that's for sure!

J's been drawing Robo-Cop pictures. Why I'm not sure b/c he's never seen the movie (except for umm hello, who's his Daddy?). Probably the same reason he continually talks to people about Family Guy even though no one in this house watches or condones watching it..But anyway, here is the picture. As usual, double click on it if you want to see it in full size.

J's up in the shower, probably dancing and singing to himself while dumping almost the entire bottle of shampoo out and then filling it back up with water. Of course I can't confirm he is doing's just a guess..well, I can confirm the shower part.

Ash is out workin on homework, she's got some projects due this coming week.

Sadie's layin around somewhere, probably exposing her crotch and enjoying the cool air. haha

Chris ordered some Chinese for he and I for dinner. Should be yummy. I think I'll make the kiddos pancakes. They love breakfast for dinner but we hardly ever do that.

We're getting close to the end of my first full time week at work and boy am I ready!!! This girls plum worn out. Although, I do have to say that the long days seem to go by faster than the short days did. Hmm. But I miss my mornings with Chris..making him coffee and having breakfast together and nice quiet mornings. BUT BUT I will enjoy being able to pay bills..not that that outweighs the missing..

Well, yall have a wonderful night. Love you!


  1. Now I feel a bit caught up...I know what you mean about missing folks and being too busy 'cause that's how I feel about you guys and the second son's family too! I miss seeing you more often!!!
    Seems like last Saturday was a long time ago, but still a short week, I understand about the faster long days. The pictures are great! I'm proud of Ash and so happy you have found a church home!
    Enough - I love you all. Please let me know about the MRI...

  2. Sarah,
    Please let us know the outcome of the MRI. We are praying for the best.
    What a great rendition of Robo-Cop. Keep drawing and expressing yourself. Your dad did it from an early age too.