Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Here's a pic from Saturday's TBQ meet.

You need to double click on the picture because it's cut off & warped in the smaller size. If you double click on it you will be able to see all of the girls. Anyway, Our girls like to dress up crazy for the meets. None of the other churches do it..whatever, I know they want to! Anyway, we got 1st place, and Ash got 8th place in the individual awards! On Sunday when Georgiann was up in front of church telling the congregation how the teams did, she got to Ash & started to cry and said how very proud she was of her. It was pretty special.

Anyway, back to Saturday.. Mom n I left the meet before they began the scramble phase of it (which Ash does not enjoy) and we went out to lunch and then shopping around town and just caught up on stuff. It was great! I miss my Mom n Dad n brothers n Gramma. Wish life wasn't so busy for all of us. But, oh well, the time we do get together is great! Anyhoo, after that I came home and slept for I think 3 hours. I'm so worn out. It was sooo nice.

Sunday we got up for Church and Chris was deathly ill and had been all night so he stayed home. The kids and I went, did our TBQ/JBQ practices, then church (which was GREAT by the way)..then after that I thought I'd ignore the never ending gas struggle and drive down to Boise to see my family. I think I've only seen Monet (my niece) maybe 4 times since she was born in July. Wow, not how I had envisioned things! But, it was soo nice to see her sweet lil face. She's so cute and smiley. Got to meet Jon n DeAnna's new baby puppy, Scout, too. She's cute. Didn't get to see Matt n Laura, she has family in town. But got to go see Gramma. She was really excited. She gets so lonely since Grampa passed last year.

J and Ash are currently sliding down the stairs at full force on their butts. J just told Ash that he hurt his "gluteus bone". LOL Dorks

Work is going well. It's much calmer and laid back now that Angie is gone, although I do miss her & Kenadee. They are nice people.

Well, I'm gonna go upstairs and watch the season premiere of Little People Big World now..we recorded it the other night and haven't had a chance to watch it yet! I'm excited :)

Hope you're all doin well :) Love you!

OH and P.S. This months book selection is finally up, http://www.ourvirtualbookclub.blogspot.com/


    Way to go.
    How is Chris feeling now and what was he sick with? Hope he's back to normal now. Whatever normal is! Just kidding. Love you son.
    Sarah, glad to hear that you had a great time with your mom. Give her our regards.

  2. Oh he's feelin good now :) He was feelin like he was gonna puke and had a horrible headache..same crap we all had.


  3. Ilove your blog! The colors & patterns are beautious maximus. J - great job on the drawing. Ash - great job on the TBQ. We are so proud of the Mendiola Clan - Sarah and Chris are great parents and Ash & J are great kids (Sadie is great too)!!! We love you guys