Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Welcome to the blogging world Kristi Nipp!! Excited to have you in our "family"!! :)

It was a long day today but went by quickly..sort of. I still had piles of stuff to do when I left, which doesn't please me. But, oh well, there's always tomorrow. Or, if you listen to the man I talked to today, there may not be tomorrow and since we live close to the airforce base (sort of), we should sell our house and move east of the mountains to survive the upcoming bombings. MMkay, thank you sir. I feel better now, any other cheerful news you'd like to share before I complete your vitamin order?

My bro Jon fell off of a roof yesterday at work and broke his wrist. WHAT! WHY? Weird. He will be just fine. Thankfully. Please keep him and DeAnna and lil baby Monet in your prayers. The lady DeAnna was working for up n decided to shut down the business so DeAnna is having to look for work. Which we all know isn't an easy thing to do right now, especially if you don't wanna put your baby in daycare. ANyhoo..it can be pretty scary when you have a baby to feed, wondering if a job will pop up. Thankfully they have faith, and serve a mighty God, but we welcome prayers on their behalf!

My bro Matt got his deer this weekend. He'll be comin over soon to smoke some jerky and use our meat grinder to make some ground deer meat. Congrats my bro!

I get to go to breakfast with Kristi on Saturday morning and then we're goin to Costco to get some food we can share (the only good way to do Costco) and then I'll go finish up my shopping at Winco. Should be a super fun day! Then, we're invited to go to some church friends' house (along with the rest of the church) to watch the game that night..sounds like fun. Maybe we'll just have to attend! Then again, maybe we'll just stay home and relax.

We have the parent teacher conference for J on Thursday night. I can hear it now.."He's such a sweet and respectful boy. Always helpful, but is there a way you can get him to stop talking?" To which I answer, "No, he gets it from his father." LOL!!!!!!!!!

Well, we're trying to talk ourselves into making dinner so I better go. Have a great day!! Yep, you guessed it, I love you. No, really, I do. :)


  1. I used to get the same reports on Josh and Mitch at parent/teacher conferences. Wonderful students...but non stop talkers. Once when Mitch was little and his older brother asked him why he talked so much, he replied..."I don't talk to much, I just have a lot to say." That memory will never leave me. They both talked alot, asked alot of questions, and became very informed. Look where they are now. J is destined for greatness. I'm sure of it. I have jobs to offer down here and people are only looking to work specific times...for some of them it seems they don't want work to interfere with their party times. Best wishes to your sis in law.

  2. So sorry to hear about Jon breaking his wrist and DeAnne's job situation. Our prayers are with them both.
    Congrats to Matt on his deer.
    Enjoy the shopping and the game, no matter where you watch it. We have to listen to it on the radio. Oh, well! We got to watch the last five.
    I'm sure J's teacher conference will be just fine. He come's by the talking thing quite honestly. We have a very busy week so we may not be able to blog for a few days. We'll try to keep you posted on our busy schedule, too.
    Love you all.

  3. P.S.
    We took our friend Belen's mother to lunch at a great Vietnamese restaurant and then went to the S.F. Asian Art Museum. Will tell you all about it on the blog when we get a chance.

  4. He gets it from me huh? Riiiiight.

  5. Well thank you my friend! I am kinda excited! More excited for sat. but hey who wouldn't be I need adult time BAD. Glad your apt went well!!!!!

  6. I hear ya Gramma Jo..it's like, if you REALLY want a job, Walmart is always hiring. People just don't want work to interfere with "life". It's sad. But, in this specific case, I hope she finds something soon. She's a hard lil worker, she just needs someone to work FOR! :) Too bad we aren't closer in relation to Hansen, she could drive down to work!!

    I will remember your boys whenever I feel irritated with my own lil talkers and then I'm sure I will be transported back to pride. Your boys are awesome!! I'd be so proud for mine to grow up to follow their footsteps.