Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Email from Gayle re: the babies!

Here is this mornings update from Gayle on the babies!

Wow!!! I'm a mother times three.  It's a bit surreal right now that I dont have babies in my belly anymore.  My contractions this afternoon picked up in frequency and pain level despite heavy medication and valiant efforts by the doctors here, who are considered the best in the world at dealing with multiples and preemies.  I was fully dilated so I had to have an emergency c-section. They were born at 24 weeks, 6 days. 

Abigail Grace was born at 4:54 pm MST at 1lb5oz

Isabella Pearl was born at 4:55 pm at 1lbs 8oz 

Simone Renee at 4:56 pm at 1lbs7oz

They were only able to measure one in the craziness... But they estimate they are all about 12 inches.  17 nurses and doctors were in OR and baby room next door during the quick reaction c-section.

So far they are hanging in there.  They are most concerned about Isabella and believe that she is the one who lost amniotic fluid when I abrupted back on Jan. 11th because her fluid was murky.  They are making no promises and told us to take it day by day. But our God is powerful and these girls are fighters.  They guesstimate they will probably be in the NICU until the so called due date, which is June 2nd.

I'm recovering, but have a fever and high blood pressure.  We are praying that my body will respond quickly to get these under control.

Thank you for your continued prayers.
We are praising the Lord that they have made it thus far.  A couple of nurses who were here with me back when I abrupted admitted to me recently that they gave my pregnancy little chance of continuing back at week 20.  They continue to be our miracle girls.

Much thanks and gratitude... God bless,


And here is an email from Brenda this morning regarding Gayle:

Perry talked with his dad this morning (9:00pm Tuesday), and learned a few details.  The girls' names are Abigail, Isabella and Simone.  Isabella is having some difficulties breathing on her own, so she is now on a ventilator.  Please pray for strength for each of the babies.  They are good size for their age:  1lb. 5oz., 1lb. 7oz., and 1lb. 8oz.  However, that is still very small, and they have just begun a new journey toward strength and health 'on the outside'.  Gayle is also having some high blood pressure issues. 

Please continue to lift this precious family before God's throne today.  Thank you so much.



We'll chat soon ..


  1. WOW! 1 pound? I know God has the whole world in his hands. I pray that these babies will remain healthy and strong!!

  2. What tiny little miracles they are. I will hold them in my thoughts, along with Gayle.
    If you think Gayle would like to touch base with other parents of preemies, you might suggest she visit the March of Dimes community called Share Your Story (it's very supportive):

  3. Oh, thank you! I will pass that on to her. :)

  4. God is good, and my prayers are with the girls & their mother. Praying for strength, and good health for them all. Thanks for keeping us posted.

    Also, just saw your comment on my "about me" section. You asked when you could move in... come on over anytime for a visit, just don't expect the place to be neat or dinner on the stove! ;)