Tuesday, February 16, 2010

3 Angels have arrived!

Here is the latest update on the Gayle situation!  As many of you know she has been pregnant with triplets and has been experiencing serious problems since week 19.  I believe she was getting ready to start her 25th week.  Anyway, many prayers have gone out and I'm happy to give this report, just in!

Hi Everyone,

We're happy to tell you that Gayle and Bertrand's three daughters have arrived safely!!!! Praise the Lord for this!  I don't have a lot of info yet, but they were each breathing on their own! Each girl has a team of four taking care of her.  I may not have the spellings of their names right yet, but here they are: Abigail (Abby - Baby A), Isabella (Bella - Baby B), and Cimone (Baby C).  Of course, please continue praying for them all, including their Mom. Praise the Lord for His hand of protection on their lives.


Aunt Brenda and Uncle Perry
Please, continue to pray for these little miracle babies as they press on towards the goal of a long and wonderful life!

We'll chat soon..

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