Friday, February 19, 2010

OK my Homeschoolin Mama friends!  I have a question. 

As many of you know we started homeschooling J this year after a teacher straight from the deepest pit of Hades made contact with Momma Bear.  We chose Connections Academy for him.  And, minus a few hiccups, which were to be expected, we love it.

Here's the question...A will join us for homeschool after she is done with this "year" of school.  She will be going into 9th grade.  High School.  Ok, I said the question was up there, but it's not.  It's here:

Which program should I choose?

1. Connections Academy
2. ISucceed Virtual Academy

I've heard some good things about IS, but their program looks, umm, boring?  Just kinda plain white, no excitement or color.  Ash and I like to be visually stimulated.  I'm not sure this would be the best option for her, because of that.  Also it doesn't seem as easy to navigate as CA is.  BUT, I have heard that they (IS) have a lot more online support and Live Lessons than does CA.  So that could be a huge plus. 

Then we have CA..I already know how to navigate it, because we have J in it.  It's colorful, it's pretty.  It's very straight forward and gives lots of help.  Also has LiveLessons and a 24/7 Math help website.  Big plus.  But, as far as I can tell, it doesn't offer as many extra programs as IS does.

Do any of you know anything about either of these programs at the High School level?

*I'm not interested in doing any other form of Homeschooling.  Although I would love to be able to say I could be accountable on my own and juggle lesson plans, etc., I can't.  Correction:  YES, I COULD.  But I would also probably become an alcholic and go absolutely insane and require hospitalization.  SO, these two are my top choices.  I know there is also The Idaho Virtual Academy..but I just don't want that program, not real sure why.  Just don't.

Another question...I would like to get some extra Christian material for the kids.  Maybe a Bible Study type thing we could all do together.  Nothing that needs to be turned in to anyone or graded, just a great study that we could do daily throughout the year..maybe ones that come with workbooks.

We'll chat soon..


  1. How interesting that our stories are quite similar! I pulled Scout out of 7th grade last year to homeschool him after a teacher at his school told him to shut up. Yep, you read right. I nearly went up to the school and punched her. Luckily FOR HER, my husband saw the blood in my eyes and told me to stay home and he would deal with it.

    Best decision I ever made. I hate Idaho schools.

  2. We've had, for the most part, great teachers in our experience with the public and private's just the atmosphere and difference in morals/beliefs/standards/communication that bothered us. I knew from day one I was to have my kids in homeschool and unfortunately didn't listen to that until in some areas it was too late.

    And, yes, I saw J's old teacher yesterday when I dropped A off at school. And had to seriousl remind myself that running over people on purpose is a sin.

  3. Susie J3:34 PM

    Let me know what you find out about these two programs. I am also thinking about pulling C out of our current school. Too many headaches lately AND it's a private school. You know which one.

  4. Hey Sus, I think he would probably be much happier with ISucceed over Connections Academy. It sounds like they have a lot more to offer in order to keep the students challenged. And, C is sooooo far advanced over what the public school kids are, I think he may be bored with CA. But, that's just my opinion! I will let you know what I find out from IS. I'm gonna try to get an appointment scheduled sometime this week. You can request info from both of them through their websites, too.

    You could also get him in other Christian based programs that are said to be very challenging, probably more up his alley. They do cost, but not nearly as much as you are paying now :)

  5. Here's my 2 cents! It may not be worth even that much, though, since I'm not familiar with either program. So just ignore me if you want!

    Your blog sounded to me like CA was actually your top choice. That's what came through to me, anyway. You are already familiar with it, which I would think would be an enormous plus. Do you really want more live lessons, or will that tie you to more of a schedule that might be a pain? How about using CA for the "basics" (you said it doesn't offer as many extras), then supplement with your own extras? You already want to "supplement" with Bible, so why not do that with some other things that interest her? Then you could do those on your own schedule and if she ends up not liking them you could toss them and try something else. That would give you the accountability you need for the required stuff for graduation, but give you the freedom you want for the extras.

  6. Sarah,
    I checked into IS. They called me and said they have an "advisor" on the line to speak with me. After 5 minutes on hold listening to the worst music in the history of music I hung up. Will try to call them myself.

  7. Susie J11:58 AM

    I am not familiar with any of the Christian programs. Do tell.

  8. Oh yeah, they called me yesterday, too. I only waited about 30 seconds before they came on the line. But I told them I wanted to meet in person and would need to call back. I think you can just call the Boise office direct b/c she said that's where she would connect me to. I don't need the flippin run around..I can do it myself :)

    There are TONS of Christian online programs. Just do a google search. Abeka, Alpha Omega, Sonlight, The Jubilee Academy, etc..there are tons of them. Some of the online programs you can choose which works best for you. From using books and doing most of the teaching yourself all the way up to paying more of a private school price and having online teachers and chat rooms for kids, etc...

    I was going to do Alpha Omega..I've heard differing things on it. Some say that they are just filled with busy work and not hard enough. Others say it's great. I guess it's just up to you.

    I just found a Classical Christian Homeschool online..I haven't looked at it, but you might wanna check it out since it's what he's already doing.

    I can't tell if Kings Way is accredited or not..I wouldn't personally fool around with anything that wasn't. But that's up to personal preferance.

    There are TONS of them out there..

  9. Thank you, Georgiann! Great advice as always. Went and got a devotional last night that we are gonna start using :) I still want other stuff too, but this is a start.

  10. Susie J3:11 PM

    Okay, I went online and downloaded the IS curriculum. C has been there/done that with a lot of the classes they offer. Also the science and social studies classes sound sort of global warming/politically correct crap. Will keep searching with your infor.