Sunday, February 21, 2010

Update on one of the triplets, and Uncle John

Hey, all!  The excitement never ceases around here. :)  Please keep Abby and the rest of the family in your prayers today.  I believe all of the girls are on and off of ventilators at this point, which is not uncommon.  They have good days and bad days, also not uncommon.  Here is the update from this morning:

Hi Everyone,
We just got this urgent prayer request from our sister-in-law, Jill.  Please pray for Abby.
"We just got a call from Jackie.  Abby seems to have a small hole in her intestine, so she will be going in for surgery this morning to repair the hole.  She looks good so the doctors feel that they caught it early and this seems to be a fairly common occurrence with preemies.  Al and Jackie will call us later to let us know how it goes.  They are on their way to church.  Bert and Gayle asked them to go to church so they can be praying, while Gayle and Bert are going to the hospital.  Thanks for your prayers!"
Brenda and Perry
In other news my Uncle John passed away this morning.  My Dad was able to lead him to the Lord before he slipped into a coma a few days later.  We are SO thankful for that!  And then last night Dad was able to lead John’s wife, Nina, to the Lord as well.  So, God is on the move!  They are probably in the process of talking to Gramma about his passing right now.  So if you could please keep her in your prayers.  She has great peace that he finally accepted Christ, but doesn’t know yet of his passing.  Also, please keep Dad in your prayers (and Mom, too!), they’ve got a lot of stress right now between this situation and Gayle and other things as well.  They both sounded great this morning, so that was encouraging.  Dad says that this is a day for rejoicing because the Father has 2 more people  who have accepted His son.  And, this is so very true!  Also, Mom and Dad are flying down to TX tomorrow to be with John’s wife Nina.  Dad will have a chance to talk with Uncle John’s daughter, Amy, as well as my other Uncle David.  He hopes to be able to lead them to the Lord as well.  So, sad news in that Uncle John passed, but wonderful news in that God has (as always) turned this sad situation into one of rejoicing.  Dad says, for the first time, Uncle John is at peace.  What a joy that is.

Thanks for your continued prayers, we love and appreciate you! 

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