Monday, February 22, 2010

To Gorge, Or Not To Gorge..

Fighting the urge to gorge on anything I can get my hands on today.  It's been awhile since I've had a struggle this intense.  Awhile as in a week or so.  Which is really good for me since I used to gorge on something almost daily.  And the choice to walk away from that "control" has been a serious test of will.

I had hit a plateau in the weight loss once I started adding in weights.  Had been at 154 for 3 weeks I think.  But, my body was/is still shrinking so I knew I was doin ok.  And then this morning I went in and had finally gotten down to 153 from 154.  I was super excited to break through the barrier..but then about an hour later the little gorging demon started chiming in.  And then he brought friends.  And they brought friends.  But I brought the Ultimate Friend.  And with my Daddy God's help, not only did I not give into the gorge, I actually ate less than normal.  So, as the Bible says: "GET BEHIND ME SATAN!"  I'm not foolin around with that dude anymore.  He had his fun with me for long enough.  In every situation we have a choice.  I'm choosing to move forward, eyes firmly focused on the prize.

Love you!

We'll chat soon..

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  1. barbara6:32 PM

    Good for you, Sarah Girl!!! Yeah!