Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Biggest Loser

Anyone watch this weeks episode?  Cuz I was crying for the whole last half of it.  O'Neil got me good.

The other thing that I loved was when Koli reminds Victoria of something great.  And, I've heard it before on the show but for some reason it just really stuck out at me yesterday.  He said, "Your potential is limitless."  That is SO TRUE (obviously)!  People will say, "Now THAT one has potential."  But the truth is, we ALL have it!  And it's LIMITLESS!  What a freeing statement.

"Go GRAYS!!!"  Love my gray team (Sam & Koli).   Yellow (O'Neil and Sunshine) is still my 2nd fave..but the grays just had my heart from day one.  They're good boys.  But, O', I love him.

Have a great SONday everyone.  Love you!

We'll chat soon...


  1. This show is so great. This week I totally cried. It is so motivating. I just love seeing these wonderful people get their time to shine. It is very special. I love the grays but the yellows are my fav. I love O'Neil and Sunshinee's relationship. That girl loves her dad so much. And he loves her. They are just so beautiful. I love them both, and they don't even know me! haha. I am very upset that they were both in the bottom 2. How heartbreaking! I almost died when that happened. Oh, how I love this shore.

  2. When he was goin through that whole deal after his brother died..oh goodness. I still get choked up now just thinkin about it. Poor O'Neil. I like Sunshine, too. From the start the yellows and grays have been my fave. But I just adore the grays.