Thursday, April 8, 2010


I am so bored lately.  I think I mentioned this in the last blog.  On the last blog?  In the last blog?  Well, whatever, you get the point.

I need a new hobby.  Ideas?


  1. I think you should do the yoga. Just kidding. On another subject, I've been waiting for Ash and J to update their blogs and nothing since December 21. When can we expect some new ones?

  2. It would be fun to giggle with the ol' ladies in the class. But you never know if you're gonna get gigglers or complainers. Guess that can happen anywhere, eh? :)

    Ash hasn't said anything about her blog in ages, but she did give me a list of new songs to post on there for her the other night. Maybe I'll get to that today. And, Jaden, well he wants to blog all the time but asks at all the wrong 2 minutes before bed time, or when we just sit down to finally relax..or during breakfast. :) He says, "I'm gonna lose my followers if I don't blog!" We're like, "What are you talking about???" haha He apparently has many blogging worries of which we have never considered.

  3. I think you should consider knitting or crocheting. That way you could make things that are useful and the doing is fun. I've been thinking of taking up crocheting again... I'd need classes, though.