Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kirstie Alley..and boy crazy girls.

Kirstie Alley's BIG LIFE (A&E).  Um, I love it.  It's officially my new guilty pleasure.  Ok, well, I don't feel guilty.  She is so funny.  And beyond insecure.  But funny.

OK, I had other issues I was dealing with as a teen, but did I totally miss the boy crazy phase?  These girls today seem to have a line up of like 10 to 15 guys that they "totally love".  How is that possible?  What happened to pining away after one person?  And if you can "totally love" that many guys at once do you haven even the slightest clue what love really is?  Obviously not.  But,'s just weird to me.  And then to classify yourself as "boy crazy"??  Good Lord if someone labeled themselves as that when I was a teen we then quickly labeled them as sluts!  Weird.  Your thoughts on this?  (disclaimer: if you are one of these girls, no, I don't think you're a slut.  I just think you might want to change your wording a bit.  No guy wants a boy crazy girl.  He wants a girl that professes loving him and him only.  And, just by the way, PUT A SHIRT ON.)

I wanna go swimming.  The weather is so beautiful today.  And it was yesterday, too.  Could we actually be really over the winter season now?  Like, really?  No more snow?  For reals?  Oh, I pray we are.

I saw some pics of Texas that my friend posted on FB..bluebonnets, longhorns, GREEEEEEN surroundings.  I haven't missed anything about Texas for a few months..but those pics brought back all the missings.  I don't want to move back, I just want to go back for awhile.  Maybe one day I will..

Anyone want to send me to Turks and Caicos yet?

Love you my sweet friends!

We'll chat soon...


  1. I to would like to visit west texas (Big Springs) again some day...I alsoc wouldn't want to live there. Your newest follower.

  2. So nice to have you! Thanks for visiting & following :0) I enjoyed East Texas very, very much because it is SO green. West TX..we only went to San Antonio, so I can't say I've seen much! But it was fun, we went on the Boardwalk. I'd still take Houston/Galveston/Austin, etc over San Antonio any day though.

    Big Springs..not sure I've heard of it. I lived right next to (as in a block away from) Spring TX, and have been to Old Town Spring, but must have missed Big Spring on the map! :)