Friday, April 16, 2010

..Fasting Facebook..

Yup.  I'm fasting Facebook.  I'm just sick of it.  I started fasting it last night.  I already wanted to log in and post a song that I loved and wanted to share with my friends.  But, I didn't.  I'm tired of all of the time it takes away from life.  Not because it's evil in itself, but because I allow it to suck my life away it becomes evil.  I've just been kind of bored, and lonely.  And if I'm on Facebook, then I have someone to talk to or laugh with.  Chris is always busy with something, and so are the kids.  I'm the only one not busy.  I COULD be busy, but I'm not.  Well..let's change that.  I am ALWAYS busy.  But I could be busy in other ways.  Does that even make sense to you?  Erg.  Regardless, I have signed off of Facebook for the next 30 days, maybe longer, probably not.  A lot of my friends do not live here, so FB is really my only way to connect with them..other than actually calling them.  Who does that anymore?  Not me.  I no likey the telephoney.

The weather is gorgeous.  High 60's last time I checked.  YAY!  I love this weather.  LOVE IT!

Well, here's the video I wanted to share on FB today..I can still share it with you! :0)  It's an "oldy" but goody.  I was privelaged to see him perform this song live years ago.  It's amazing in real life.  Hope you enjoy it, too :) It's just simple and pure. And, I love that.

Love you.  We'll chat soon..take care of you!


  1. I think I know what you mean about facebook. I, too, spend way too much time looking for connection there.

  2. Great blog. I wish my wife would fast FB, but who am I to talk, here setting on my computer blogging? God bless, Lloyd

  3. I LOATH Facebook. I deleted my account months and months ago. And now I have found that the people who are still on there (family mostly) refuse to keep in touch with me any other way. It's very frustrating. It drove me batty when I had a profile. It is a time sucker. I feel free, but there are times when it frustrates me that something as simple as sending pictures to me of my new niece doesn't happen because I'm not on Facebook.

    Ok, I ranted. Sorry. :D

    Hey, just wanted to tell you too, that my girls are enrolled in INSPIRE! Perhaps we'll see you at field trips or have the same support teacher or something! :)

  4. YAY, QB!!! Would be super nice to have someone who lives closer join us on field trips. We've only met people who live an hour or more away. And, you're right, unless someone blogs or FB's, you just are out of the loop unfortunately. Sad. :( But, like you, I don't put any of my kids on the internet so they still get mailed out the good old fashioned way..EMAIL! And, wow, email is now old fashioned? eek! ;)

    Lloyd, too true! haha is fun though, right! :)

  5. I've always had a dislike for FB, but since that's 'where' everyone is these days... I still think it's way too public. Don't worry though, I'll still check it every once in while to see how people are doing!