Sunday, April 18, 2010

Maxwell House...Mikey likes it!

So..the Maxwell House coffee commercials have started coming on again.  New improved taste is the boast.  We usually get Seattle's Best or Starbucks (one in the same).  Chris and I have been toying with trying it.  We are very skiddish with new coffee.  Because we don't have a lot of money to throw around, and so if we get crappy coffee we are stuck with it till the next payday.  That's a long time.  Anyway, today I went into the store and found that the 2lb container of MH was at a lower price now!  It's now $6 instead of being almost $8.  I knew it would go down in price after the initial commercials died off.   I came home and told Chris, "Babe, I got it.  Hopefully it's good."  We were nervous.  Made a pot..Chris took the first sip and I cringed in anticipation..but he said, "It's not that bad!"  YAY!!!!  I tried mine and liked it, too.  It's no Starbucks, but it's good.  Later Chris said, "Hey, this really is pretty good!"  I think we may have a winner. 

Went and hung out with my Mommy today.  It was super fun.  We had planned to pack but ended up just running around from house to house and chatting.  Then took J down to The Train Depot for "Depot Days", he had fun.  J helped Grampie around the yard.  We had ice cream sundaes.  Just a fun, easy day.  I needed that.  Miss my parents.  Love spending time with them.

Just on a side note, petty crap ticks me off.  Or..maybe I should say womens petty crap ticks me off.  It's like um can you just calm the mother down and breathe for a second?  Not everything in life is really THAT dramatic.  Everyone is NOT against you or out to get you and make your day miserable.  Not everyone is really as immature as you think.  Personal thoughts are really ok, even if they aren't identical to yours.   And, maybe it's a good thing for you to be in a situation that you can't completely control 110%.  Lots of people populate this earth, and for good reason.  We need different ideas, different personalities, different everything!  It's good for us.  Adjust.  Alter your perspective.  please?  You might find it refreshing.  I know I will.  **sigh** Ok, enough of that.  Just wanted to get that out. 

J has decided that we need to go fishing soon.  Sounds like a plan to me!  Ash is up to 41 Justin Bieber posters in her room now.  It's cute.

Guess what?  We are gonna camp soon.  The warmer days will come more consistantly very soon, and that means camping is coming very soon!!!  EEEEH!  So exciting.

Matt and Laura got back today from Haiti.  Was SO good to have them home.  I pray their hearts are ok.  Can't imagine all that they saw, and how hard it must have been to have to walk away from it all.  I'm so proud of them for all that they do for others.

Well, I guess I've taken up enough of your day. :)  Hope you had a fabulous weekend.  I know I did!  We got yard work and house work done..and got in a super long walk with the kids around the neighborhood, too!  And, we got the chance to have dinner and conversation with some great friends.  Really had a wonderful weekend.

I need a new blog layout..

Have a wonderful Monday, my sweet friends.  Love you dearly.

We'll chat soon...

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