Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Facebook, itchy throats and sunshine

Good afternoon, blogging buddies :)

How is your life today?  Treating you well?  Are you enjoying the moments?  My life is nice today, treating me fine, and I'm enjoying most of the moments, as long as they don't piss me off.  And, I'm PMS'ing, so .. yeah, nuff said.

A fantastic bit of news, the sun is out!  Yesterday was so funky weather wise.  It's nice to have a break today, although it is cold and super windy.  At least the sun is out.  I can deal with the rest.

Kirstie Alley's BIG LIFE is still cracking me up.  What a funny show.  Anyone at all watching it????  And, I haven't heard anything from you all on my Biggest Loser post a few days back.  Is anyone watching that????  I like to use a lot of ?????'s

Still in the thick of the Facebook fast.  Just talking about it makes me want to swear.  And I work very hard at not swearing, so maybe we shouldn't talk about it..but, I will.  And, I won't swear.  Promise.  Tomorrow will be 2 weeks w/o FB.  It feels like 2 years.  I don't miss the actual website, or anything it offers.  I just miss my friends. :0(  Quite a few have been emailing me, so that has been nice.  Some of the one's I miss most have proven that with or without Facebook, we won't be separated.  That brings a smile to my face. See?  There really WAS life before Myspace/Facebook!  And the continued communication proves that.  *wink*  But there are still so many times that I want to go post something..or get an emotion out, or whatever..and can't.  So, I either end up blowing up or bottling up or both or nothing or.. yeah.  I'm lost.  Ok, that's a bit dramatic.  I'm not lost.  Just having to find a new outlet for my emotions/thoughts, etc.  Anyway, I told Chris Facebook is my "dope" and, like Mike Starr, I'm dope sick (any celeb. rehab/sober house fans out there?).  Oh, did I mention my friend Mike Q. joined me and Jess in the Facebook fast?  It's great to have company.  Jess was only a part time lover of FB anyway, so it hasn't been too rough for her.  Mike and I on the otherhand..well let's just say, we are walkin by faith.  LOL

More people have moved on in other areas of  life.  It's sad.  I keep wondering, how many more? I'm trying to stay positive and peaceful and choosing to put my focus on Him instead of outward things, but sometimes (about 4 million times/day) it gets hard.  It's a constant adjustment from outward to upward.  I find myself saying, "I give it all to you Lord" more than you could possibly begin to imagine.  I know that in all things, He has my best interests in mind and will work everything for the good.  And I know that to everything there is a season.  But, ...ok I need to stop talking about this and move onto something else. 

Allergies.  Horrendous.  Payday will bring more allergy pills.  Thank you, Jesus, for payday.  I'm itching, my son is making loud snorting sounds to itch his throat, Chris is coughing.  I don't know what the daughter is doing, she's at school.  But we here at home are miserable.  However, as soon as I look outside and see all of the gorgeous green grass and trees and the beautiful rainbow of colored flowers, it's all worth it.  NO SNOW is a wonderful thing. 

Well, have a wonderful day friends. Praying the best for you and believing for great things on your behalf.  Life is good, don't ever forget it.  You are loved.

We'll chat soon..


  1. Great post. We will indeed walk by faith. I'm glad you're friend is a part-time user. It makes us full-time users look bad!! But yes. I totally understand the icky feeling. I'm feeling icky myself. My throat is starting to hurt and the sniffles. It's a no fun deal at all!!

    Praying for you.
    Love ya.

  2. Sweet! We can suffer and sniffle and sneeze together tonight during our movie! :) Not that I WANT you to feel icky..

    See you guys in a bit. :)