Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is kinda cool cuz it's my birthday.  Ok, I don't really care for my birthday.  BUT, the cool part of it is that I am 33.  I love that my age is two of the same number. 

So..many of you remember that today was my weight loss goal date.  I wanted to be at 140 today (started at 167).  Here is my report. :)

Mom & Dad gave me some birthday $$ yesterday so today I went out shopping for a few hours.  Got some make up (sorely needed) and some clothes (also sorely needed).  I went to try on the's never a good experience.  But, it's getting better, slowly.  Anyway, I had no idea what size pants to buy because I haven't bought pants in a bazillion years (minus the pair I bought at Christmas that never fit right but after returning them twice and getting new ones I just didn't care.  I wear them even though they are huge).  So the pants in my closet are 10's, 12's and 14's.  Usually I get a 12 and they are snug.  Today I thought, eh, what the heck..I'll try an 8..and then they didn't have the color I wanted in an 8, only a 6.  So I thought, what the heck, I'll try it on.  Never thought it would fit, just thought I'd try..because that's what I do.  I try things even if I don't think they will work.  Call me me optimistic.  I'm sure, at times, I fit either description.  Anyway, THEY FIT!  I mean, they aren't loose.  It's not a "perfect fit" by any means.  But, they fit!  I haven't worn a 6 since before I had J.  He's 8.  Yeah.  I never thought I'd get back into a 6.  And, still, an 8 would probably be a better choice.  LOL  The body of the pants fit perfectly as a 6.  The waste "band" needs to be an 8.  But, to hell with that.  I bought the 6 and will work out.  I don't wear skin tight shirts anyway..and before I started working out, my 14's and 12's fit like my 6's do now.  So, who cares??

Also, in a bit of sad news..I had to get new bras.  Last time I bought a bra I was a healthy D.  Now?  normal B.  *sigh*  I told Chris, I need liposuction, a tummy tuck and a boob lift.  I may be wearing the 6 and the B bra, but I in no way look the same way I did last time I wore these sizes.  He says, it's time to add in weights to my work out and he thinks that I will acheive the look I want.  We shall see.  If I don't, can I have liposuction, tummy tuck and a boob lift?  Honestly, though, when all of the bills are paid off, I really will consider calling my plastic surgeon and going in for a Mommy Makeover.  Why do all that work if I still have to look like crap afterwards?  I can't think of a reason.  It was one of the main reasons I didn't want to lose weight..because I didn't want to be a saggy woman.  Don't get me wrong, I still have plenty of plump..but the sag is starting to increase. step at a time, Sarah, one step at a time. 
I also got a large shirt and a SMALL shirt!  OK, can't hardly ever wear a small and definitely not anytime recently.  My shoulders are too big for smalls.  My boobs are too big for smalls.  It's just always been that way.  But this one is kind of a tank top so my shoulders have no issue.  My newly tiny boobies still are a little snug, but it's not bad.  Do you really want to know this?  LOL  Anyway, I usually wear an extra large.

SO, even though I didn't meet my weight loss goal for todays date (I wanted to be at 140, I'm at 149), I am super happy with where I'm at.  I will still lose more as time goes on, but I'm in such a better place now emotionally and physically, I feel a million pounds lighter.  I haven't worked out in about 3 weeks..maybe longer?  Anyway, at that time I was basically the other pound I've lost since then is probably muscle.  No good.  We are gonna start going to the gym again on Monday.  Next gym goal: Get rid of back boobs :o)  (no, I'm not talking about my's already long gone).

Well, we had a great day today.  Next weekend, after payday, my hubby is taking me out to get some Asian Fusion for a belated bday dinner..can't wait!

OH and I came home to a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of multi colored roses from Jess.  They smell SOOOOOOO good.   And they are beautiful. 

Thanks to everyone who has texted/called/emailed to wish me a happy birthday.  It's been happy, indeed!

Love you!

We'll chat soon..


  1. I love you sweetie, and you always look great to me. I am so glad you had a successful (and possibly fun?) shopping experience today. Its nice that you actually came home with some clothes that you are happy about! Happy Birthday again my babe, I hope you had a great time today.

  2. Sarah, hello. I had no idea it was your birthday because Facebook usually remindes me, and I am now going on day 5 so I was not awate. But anyways. Happy Birthday! You are such a remarable person! I must admit I got a little giggly, like a 8 year old child seeing a couple kiss on a movie, in some parts of your blog. But no worries! I am so glad you are so proud of yourself! It is such a great feeling to feel like you are achieving things you really want. I am opening me a gym membership next month. Keep posting positve, it will keep me motivated! You and your awesome family is a big motivation to my everyday life.


  3. Babe, I am forever grateful that the Lord blessed you with blurry vision and that you think "all of this" (hands waving) is beautiful. :) haha I love you.

    M, thanks for the bday wishes! And, have fun at the gym! Thanks, too, for the encouraging words :)

  4. Happy belated bday!!! And congrats on the weight loss and small sizes! Woo hoo!!! Love yourself... you don't need any mommy makeover. :)