Thursday, June 5, 2008

CAMPING?.....probably no

Well much to our collective chagrin, its looking more and more like camping will be off this weekend. The weather in town is only looking to be decent (60's alternating between partly sunny and mostly cloudy), however the weather in the mountains sucks goat ass. Even IF we avoid the snow and rain that is being forecast, its gonna be colder than a....well its gonna be cold. So camping will most likely be postponed, though we are still holding out hope.

In the event that our expedition is canceled however, we do have a back up plan. Since we already have tons of snacks, food and drinks we're thinking of just having a grill-a-thon here this weekend. Matt and Laura will come over and possibly Dave and Amber. We're also going to use the opportunity to test out our chicken wing recipes in preparation for the Wing-Off the weekend of June 14th. So even though I'd love to go camping, a weekend filled with BBQ, hot wings, beer (or soda if you prefer), good company, and of course RockBand, is also a fine substitute.

In other news, I have discovered a unique gem of a movie that I MUST see. One of my clan mates started a forum thread about the cheesiest fight scenes from a movie that we can find. Everyone started submitting clips from all kinds of God awfully cheesy movies....most are low grade kung-fu flicks like The Last Dragon, Gymkata, or anything with Cynthia Rothrock. The clips were good for a laugh and brought back some memories of films long forgotten (and in most cases rightfully so) and sadly I had seen many of them. But one clip shone above the rest like a bright beacon of cheese. It was a montage of scenes so over the top and ridiculously outlandish that anyone in their right mind would dismiss it immediately. I however am not in my right mind. I had also never seen this movie before. After speaking to my brother about it we hunted it down and actually found the name of this masterpiece. It is called "Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky". The plot: A young man with superhuman strength is incarcerated at a prison run by corrupt officials and seeks to use his martial arts to clean up the system. I know, rad huh? And with reviewer quotes like "Ludicrously excessive Hong Kong classic" how can you go wrong?

So now Dave and I are on a quest to see this amazing cinematic triumph. We have each added it to our movie queues and will have a viewing party whenever one of us receives it first. Its an older movie (90's) but apparently for its time it was pretty brutal and makes liberal use of cut aways to stand in dummies and lots of red dye. From the clips I saw I would agree, but the scenes are so blatantly fake that they are laughable. Should be a good time. Anyone who wants to get in on this feel free to join us.

And on that note, I am out.

Oh one quick word of advice....if you are thinking of watching the new E! "reality" show Living Lohan.....DON'T! Horrible show and the last thing we need is more of this crap on T.V. (yes, I know I just got done talking about wanting to see one of the cheesiest movies ever...its irony folks). Anyway, if you wanted to watch this show about the Lohan Clan minus the most famous of the brood, I'll save you the trouble and tell you it's lame. Its cookie cutter format about people we don't even know or care about that somehow got their own show cuz older sis is semi-famous. Save it dudes. Keep on flipping right past this one....maybe you can land on quality broadcasts of true winners like Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. Sad.


  1. Ugh..I can't believe that we are actually old enough to say "it's an older movie" when it was only made in the 90's!! The 90's seem like just yesterday to me! *sigh* Next I'll notice I'm growing boob hair and start pissing myself when I sneeze.

    So, are you saying you've seen Shot at Love? hmm The things you do while I sleep. LOL! Yes, Living Lohan blew donkey, but I am addicted to Denise Richards' reality show and I'm not even a fan! I'm a reality tv show junky..but even I have standards..and shot at love and lohan and all those other smutty anuses are just not my bag!

    Love you my sweet. Look at the bright side..not camping means we don't have to wipe our butts with wet wipes! WOOHOO!

  2. Hey, enough with the benefits of not camping for YOU, I'm in for the grill a thon ...if it's doable with my schedule and I'm invited, that is! I thought ya'll would opt out of the cold and damp (snowy?) mountains. Sorry though - I know you were looking forward to it!

    Well, you and Dave didn't steer me wrong with Remo Williams and the other flick with all the living dead armies! So I'd give a chuckle or two at an over-the-top "older" kung fu farce, too!

    Gotta admit, though, wet wipes beat out pine needles any day...

    Love ya.

  3. This weekend doesn't work..but, would you be available to come over for dinner on Friday, the 27th? We could bbq if you want, or just have a "normal" dinner (whatever that is!). Either way, hopefully it would be nice enough to eat outside..

    Well let me know!