Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wow, I'm tired. I'm out of my routine since the kiddos are out of school. I have no reason to be tired today. I slept in till around 9..that's right, I did it. Then did nothing until it was time to go have lunch with Mom at noon..then I went to the bank, and to work for 3 busy hours. Why on earth would that make me tired?? Who knows.

Anyway, we had delish eats for dinner..salad, whole wheat 3 cheese raviolis and garlic bread w/o the garlic b/c we are out. DELISH!!

Now I'm sitting here trying to imagine my evening without my pounding headache. But, I can't. Imagination doesn't work well with all the noise in my head. It could be worse, I could have pink eye like Aldo! Eeek. Feel better!

Invited myself over to Dave n Ambers later..I want to see her paint. And, I suppose I should drop off the CD's from Aunt Judy to Dave..Lord knows he'll never get over here for them. He's very busy he says.

I better get to go camping this weekend. Stupid weather.

Love you!


  1. I hope the weather clears for your camping trip - you've been looking forward to it so long!
    I can write now, although I'm still sniffing - I bawled like a baby over the video...and I had seen it before! Still teary - but it is just beautiful, especially with that song.
    Where did you find the ravioli? Sounds like something I'd like to tuck into for lunch; sure wouldn't be able to get it on the table at dinner here, I'm afraid!
    Hope your headache is better - hope also that you don't get the crud that has the headache with it!
    How's it going with the kids home all day, Chris? Come up with summer time rules for daddy's work time? Still think it's awesome you get to work from home though -
    What did Amber paint? I thought she'd painted everything in the house already?!

    Love ya'll

  2. It was just the gameroom..I think it's been done for awhile, I've just never seen it.

    I forgot to take Judy's cd's over there..what a dork

    Found the raviolis in the fridge section at Winco, right by the pico de gallo and lunch meats and cream cheese across from the deli..Buitoni brand

  3. Sorry to hear that you have such a headache. Hope it gets better soon and yes, it could be worse, but hopefully not. Aldo is doing better but is pissed that this has happened to him twice in a two week's span. All I can do is try to comfort him.
    We'll keep our fingers crossed that the weather gets better and you can go on your camping trip.
    Love ya

  4. My head STILL HURTS!!! I finally broke down today when the black dots started swimming in my eyes and took some tylenol. I just hate taking things. It's taken the edge off but I'm not sure it was worth taking the drugs.

  5. Dots can be good, if you are into poka dots. Seriously, we hope you get to feeling better in time for you weekend plans, whatever they be. Aldo says to tell you that he has been taking twenty pill for 19 years and he is just waiting to mutate. Get better.