Sunday, June 8, 2008

I have that hanging on my wall..the saying that is. It's in a black frame, but I cut it out of this pic. Anyway, I'm chanting it to myself! LOL I told could take the sentence one of two ways..1. Thank God, I only have to deal with one thing at a time, how wonderful. Or, 2. Crap, you mean this sludge I'm walking through has to be gone through only one moment at a time??? I'm gonna go for meaning #1. ;) Although, I can see the importance in both.

We've decided to scrap the fence. The kids need clothes for school..and too many other things. We enjoy our neighbors and like that the neighborhood kids can come and go as they we're in no rush. We can use that money towards better things. The fence will come in time. Maybe when we have enough cash to complete the other side, too..the other side IS done, but we want to move it out. Always different ideas swirling around in this head of mine..the "curse" of being a remodelers daughter, I suppose! :) I won't even start with all the other ideas I'd think I was crazy. Well, maybe you already do, but let's move on..

Had fun last night at our make shift camping night with my bro & his wifey..we ate wings (well they did, I had turkey dogs), had a beer margarita and then I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (decided not to deal with making s'mores)..Ash and Laura were in the thick of a Bust A Move game off..they had lots of laughs and fun. UncaMatt & J played electronic Battleship..Matt kicked J's buttocks if I remember correctly. Then the kiddos played some computer games while us adults went up and had a little Rockband time..Ash came up and played a little later on..J helped me clap and cheer and stuff when he came up. Then we sent the kiddos to bed downstairs and we all laid around chatting till around 1 I think and then hit the sack. Hey, camping in town isn't so bad! LOL Then got up this morning..watched some cartoons, made the normal weekend breakfast (usually we do that on Saturday, but we were busy yesterday morning), then Matt n Laura left us all to ourselves..back to life in the real world!

We're gonna take the kids out and do their school shopping today. I told Chris if we don't do it now then something will come up and the money will be gone. So, we'll just get everything a little too big and call it good! Keeping receipts and tags on the clothes of course so that we can return them if need be. With the way these kiddos grow you just never know what will happen from day to day! They could be 4 feet taller in the next 24 hours! Anyhoo..I'm not a girl who enjoys shopping, so it will be tedious and probably make me want to jump off a cliff, but maybe not. Hopefully we can find what we need, not get taken up the tailpipe and be done rather quickly. I know, wishful thinking! ;) But, thanks to my Momma, I'm a bargain hunter and you can bet your bottom dollar I will find a good deal!

Yesterday's craft faire was so fun..Mom & I had a great time. It was just what I needed..fresh air and good, easy conversation. Always fun to chat it up with the town ladies and look around..having no plans to buy anything. Now, THAT'S what I like! Mind you, I do NOT like window shopping..I just like going out and looking at stuff like that..stuff that inspires me..lights a fire in my imagination..THAT, I love :)

Better go get ready..have a wonderful Sunday. Relax! Do something you enjoy. You're loved :)


  1. Hope the shopping went well and that you found some awesome stuff/bargains! Great idea - shopping for school at the beginning of summer! Bet the crowds were less, too!

    Glad your in-town campout was a success. And you didn't even have to get wet and cold!

    I'm looking forward to the great wing-cookoff ... plan to eat there if I can find some that won't burn my tonsils off...oh, that's right, I don't have any tonsils!

    Judy and I went to see Indiana Jones yesterday - it was pretty cool...except the monkey scene - that was just too goofy!

    Be well - talk to you later.
    Love ya

  2. Did the shopping turn out well? Hope the kids got all that they wanted. Yea, right! I'm sure that they are happy with whatever they got.
    Are your allergies doing better. Poor thing, sounded like you really had a bad case. Glad that your weekend turned out so well. It sounds like it was a lot of fun.

  3. Shopping went ok..for some reason we couldn't find capris or shorts or really even pants for Ash. Seems all the stores are cutting way back on their supply. Effects of our wonderful economy I suppose. But, we were able to find her a few "bottoms"..will look again later. And, we're waiting on getting J shoes b/c his feet are still growing too fast!

    Allergies turned into a sinus infection that is possibly mixed with the cold my boss had last week. I'm headed back up to bed..have a good night. Love you