Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hope you're all enjoying a nice quiet Thursday morning :)

Yesterday was lil Andrews bday, hope he had a great day. He's such a sweetie. I guess they're over and Dave n Amber's for the rest of the week, so we missed getting to see him on his big day. The kiddos like it when they're at their dads house cuz they get to see them whenever they want!

Speaking of my kids, they aren't here! Mom came and got them yesterday morning..we won't get them back till probably Saturday afternoon. Just in time to go out to Todd & Jess' for a bbq. But, it's quiet around here! No bickering..begging..whining..laughing..story telling..weird!! But, they're having a blast. Yesterday they went and saw Kung Fu Panda and did other stuff I can't remember..then when Dad got home they took them up to Mountain Home to see some new baby goats. Mom mentioned that in the coming days they will be doing tye die and sewing and biking the greenbelt (oh, pllleeease be safe!), building a town out of milk cartons, camping out over in their camper at Jon & DeAnna's having campfires..they'll be very busy!

So..good and bad news this week..Good news, I went to my doc's this week, and both of them think that my back thing is a fatty cyst, which confirms what we all thought! PTL. Bad side of that's so big that I will have to go to the hospital and be put out for it to be removed..which will cost around $5000. Well, we never go to the doctor so we keep raising our deductible to save money..eek. Maybe we should have kept it low! I don't even know what it is. But, I'm gonna find out when our new enrollment period is and hopefully lower it b4 I have to get this removed. But, anyway, I have to go see a surgeon to talk about the's supposed to be pretty painful for a week after you get it done, if it hasn't attached itself to the muscle..if it HAS attached itself then the recovery time is much longer. Um...I don't have a desk job people. I am constantly moving and lifting and scrubbing in my jobs..can't afford to be laid up! Well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I know it's connected to or is stressing some nerves b/c I can feel the pain from the feeling you get when you touch your tongue to a 9V battery..

Well, after I got the $5000 dollar news, I went to get the oil changed in the car and have them scan the SERVICE ENGINE SOON indicator (came on again the night b4, damnit) and they said it's the Catalytic Converter and it needs to be replaced asap. CRAP CRAP CRAP. $1200 is their quote. Call my bro who is happily working and vacationing in Seattle to cry n whine n bitch..he didn't answer..but called back later and told me that that quote is crap..later called again and told me that he found one for $350 online and to take it to Boise Muffler for an honest quote. Then my Mom n Dad called back and said the same..take it to Boise Muffler. So, Mom came and switched cars with me yesterday (when she got the kids!). I now am driving "big green" (their truck) and Dad is taking my car in to BMuffler this morning. This is why it sucks to only have one car people! Dad says, "Well the only problem you'll have driving my Ford is that you WONT have any problems" hahaha funnny ;) For those of you who don't know, my car/truck is a Chevy. Well, anyway, so in one day I got the news that in total I need fixings done that look to cost me around $6200! FANTASTIC. BUT, in good news, my health is great, my family is healthy, the sun is shining, and I am still blessed beyond measure..that no matter how horrible the day has been, I always have my family to come home to who comes running when I open the door to tell me they've missed me and ask me how my day was..all while I'm being tackled by my sweet pup and getting kisses from my honey and hugs from the kids. Kinda melts away the stress of the day, I think. :)

We got to go out & visit with Kristi & Mike & Brooklyn and new little miss Berkley last night. That baby is so precious! Brooklyn was feeling extra lovey last night, too, cuddled with me and tickled me and laughed. She's so cute. You can tell she's not quite sure about this new little baby in her life, but you can also tell that she LOVES her. She kept going over to stroke her hair or give her kisses. She's a good big sissy. Then, after that we went over to Sadie's original owners house to pick up Sadie's pool and to see her sister, Savannah. Stayed and gushed about our babies (the dogs, not the humans) for over an was great to see them again, and to see Savannah for the first time. She and Sadie have so many of the same mannerisms, it's scary! Yet, they are completely different. Carole also has Pygmy goats. Oh my gosh they are so cute!!!!! I begged Chris to let me have one. He said no. Even more clearly than the "NO" he said to the fruit trees. So, I guess I should drop it. But, it was hilarious when Jaden called later last night to tell us that they saw baby goats and that we need one. LMAO!! Chris just sighed and said "WE DON'T NEED A GOAT DUDE".

Sorry it's taken me awhile to blog..just been so busy and by the time I get home I can't even put a sentence together to blog. But, I still look for new blogs from y'all everyday, so don't quit writing! I'll try to be better, too. And, just like you, I am STILL waiting for Chris to blog about his Wing Off!!!!

Love you guys, have a great day :)

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  1. Oh honey, its so good to read from you again. Yes, this week has been kinda suck but the blessings still outweigh the "bad news", and as long as we keep that in sight everything is spiffy!

    I'll try to get something up about the Wing Off soonly...just been so busy with work and other stuff lately that the blogging has been put on hold. Anyway, great blog babe. Love you tons!

    PS - The goat no IS more firm than the fruit tree. Like I told you last night, it took 15 years for me to finally give in on the tree....goats will probably have to wait until I die, LOL. (which will be a very long time from now btw)