Sunday, June 1, 2008

Has anyone noticed that I am absolutely crazy head over heels in love with our pup, Sadie? I just can't get enough of that sweetie. She's so precious!!

Ok, enough..I know.

Today we have done nothing. Absolutely NOTHING. I got up this morning around..hmm..4am..couldn't sleep..effing "restless leg syndrome"..stumbled out to the couch as not to bother my super gorgeous and tanned faced honey from his peaceful slumber..and contemplated sawing my legs off with a dull fingernail file..just to teach them a lesson. But, I didn't. I had to get up to close the blinds..tripped over a few things, like the couch, stepped on a paper that made WAY too much noise..worrying I was gonna wake up the kids who were again sleeping downstairs. But, I didn't. I finally passed out. Woke up every once in awhile just to be reminded that my legs were still assholes. Then around 8 I gave up, turned on the TV and blankly stared at it for an hour, or so. Then got had a super cool allergy attack. Then decided to get up and make the kiddos waffles. Amber gave me the best recipe for them last year, if you want it, let me know!

After breakfast I came in, checked all of my things on the computer and then went back to bed :) My honey came in, tucked me in, gave me a kiss on my forehead and left me to snooze. Because, sometimes I just need to snooze. And, I did just that..for a good 2 hours or so..give or take moments when I had to wake up to see what was happening on FoodTV. I like to sleep to FoodTV. Paula Deen was on, soothing me to sleep with her voice. I love you Paula Deen. I feel like she's the best friend I've never met. Crazy about her.

ANyway, after I forced myself out of bed I went and took a shower and then went out to the gameroom where Chris told me that my broheim had called and invited us over for dinner (fish tacos..and turkey burgers for those of us who don't appreciate fish tacos (me) ) Sweet! Now I don't even have to make dinner! Well, let's face it, I would have only been reheating dinner from the night b4. So, we're leisurely getting ready to leave for their house. Should be fun :) And, Sadie will enjoy playing with her cousins. Hopefully she doesn't slap Molly too much. For some reason she REALLY likes to slap her, but not any other dog. Hmm Well, girls will be girls I suppose.

Tomorrow another work week begins and that sort of makes me wanna cry b/c this weekend has been so glorious. But, at the end of the week, we get to leave for camping. And THAT makes all my gray skies turn back to a loverly clear blue :) WOOHOO!!!!

Well, have a great rest of your weekend. Love you guys!!

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