Monday, June 2, 2008

Have yall ever noticed that kids like to bicker? A LOT? I don't think my brother and I ever bickered. We just flat out fought. I would rather my kids fought than least real emotions would be involved instead of pettiness. Oh well..I'm sure if they actually did fight then I'd be pissed, too. So, really, I'd just really like it if they got along for more than an hour at a time. But, I suppose that will come in time :) I can't imagine fighting or even bickering with my bro (Matt) now, so I know all things are possible! I don't think Jon and I ever bickered or fought..we've always been pretty good at just telling it like it is and getting over it..then again, he is 10 years younger than me so that makes a big difference. Matt and I were only 2 years apart so our hormones were both raging at around the same time! LOL Crazy kids. My poor mother. I tell her I'm sorry a lot these days, when I see my kids do or say something to me that I could see myself saying to my Mom as a kid all I can think poor sweet darling mother. LOL!! was a quick day at work today. Lots of laughs..lots of orders..lots of fun. It wasn't till I was leaving work that I thought, dang, I'm worn out!

Ooh George Michael just came on..he makes my heart smile.

Our fence will go in at the end of the week. We'll be camping, but our next door neighbor said to never fear, that she'd be out there the whole time telling them if something wasn't perfectly even. LOL..I can trust her, their house is perfect. Anyway, it will be nice to come home to a fenced yard. My sweet Sadie pup will enjoy it, too.

Well, I guess that's all for today. We're gonna take the kiddos and the pup on a walk after dinner (we're getting a late start on dinner tonight)..maybe I'll take my camera with me and take some pics. It's beautiful out there.

Have a beautiful evening my loves!


  1. I'm combining my comments for yesterday and today, seein' as how I was too sick yesterday to really give a freaking darn! I got the bug - you know, the headache-diarhea-nausea-feel-like-crap bug? Anyway, it was a LONG last hour at Hastings Saturday night, I can tell ya that! Just barely made it home when my insides decided they didn't really want to stay there. I went to bed at 8:00 last night - feel better today, but still have the headache. I'd not wish this on any but my worstest enemy!

    Probably need to tell ya have a great time camping, just in case I don't get back to it later this week! It is supposed to be a bit cool and a bit rainy...but maybe it will clear up by the weekend! Hope so. Wouldn't want you to have anything less than a stellar first campout of the year.

    You can love on that puppy as much as you want ... she's worth it! BTW what happened with the other dog that you mentioned? Hope it went to a good home, but can't really think it will be better than the one it would have had with ya'll.

    So, kids bickering...summer vacation...bickering... HMMM, seems to ring all kinds of bells in my memory! Just try not to kill them...although you can fantasize about it, that helps!

    Gotta go..
    Love yaa'llll!

  2. I've had quite a few fantasies..believe you me! Mostly of me ripping the sheet rock off of the walls and knocking entertainment centers over..just to relieve stress. Sounds fun, right?

    Sorry you're feeling icky! I sure hope you are back in tip top shape, soon! Glad you made it home from work before your ass exploded..could have been a real mess!

  3. Oh, and about Cowboy..they had 3 families who wanted to see him. We were second in line, they were going first come first serve with the whole deal and the first family, of course, fell in love with him so we lost out :( Was pretty sad for all of us.

  4. We were wondering about the rain, too. I saw where it was supposed to start in the next day or so. BTW, where are you going camping? Hope you have a wonderful time as well. Make the most of it since gas prices really put a damper on things. Don't you just love summer and having the kids at home? What a treat! Enjoy them while they still young and at home.

  5. We're all shoving into my brothers 6 seater truck and sharing a tank of gas..otherwise we would not be going.

    Also, we will be in the tent trailer, so if it rains we should be fine.

    However, where we were originally going to go they are predicting a little new snow for this now we're looking to go somewhere closer. Matt's calling the Lowman Rangers office today to see what's really going on.

    So, at this point, we're still hoping to be able to camp somewhere further than our own back yard!