Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My eyes are itching out of my skull. The left more than the right. But, since I yelled at Chris the other night to quit itching b/c it would "only make it worse", I now have to suck it up in silence and sneak an eye rub in when he isn't looking ;) In fact, I have a pic of him itching..let me get it..
Hey, it's HIS LEFT EYE, TOO!! Weird. Weird. WEIRD.

Well, so far in this pay period at work I've gotten extra hours..should help with having next week off (except for cleaning on Friday). Shhh, don't tell anyone, it's a secret. We have plastered on the top of our calendar the words (in huge print): "DON'T TIE US DOWN WITH ENTERTAINING ON OUR VACATION!!!" Somehow we always seem to fill every second with going somewhere or doing something or having people over (not to mention all the crap around the house we usually do..mowing..weeds..washing windows..cleaning things out..) and then by the time vacation is done we have gotten no rest and need another vacation! But, hey, we always have a great time with everyone and all the activities, and I guess that's what vacations are all about. Regardless..this time we WILL relax, damnit!! And, maybe even get a camping trip in with my bro n his loverly wife! AND, maybe we'll get to welcome in our new neice, if DeAnna has the baby!!!!!!!!

Speaking of relaxation stuff..we finished our puzzle last night! WOOHOO! I took a pic of it, will upload it later and share it with ya. It's awesome. The trees were the hardest part, for sure. I've also got all of the squares cut for a quilt I'm making for MYSELF! That's right, I finally get a quilt for myself! I've made them for everyone else but not myself. Typical. Anyway, Gparents Edens gave me a big brown bag filled with super cool sheets the other day. I couldn't use them on my bed b/c they wouldn't fit, but they had cool flowers on them, kind of a 70's/80's style. So, I thought, hey why not make a light summer quilt out of them! Should be really cute.

Andrew's (nephew) bday party was last night..he's so cute. I got some cute pics of Kailey when she wasn't looking. I didn't even recognize her when we walked in. Thought she was someone else's kid. Sadly, she never recognizes me anymore, either..has no clue who I am. But, I'll get over it..maybe. Until then I'll just be the stranger who shows up to birthday parties and takes pictures. I'll take what I can get. Hard to believe that way back when, my name was one of the first words she said.

Well, I better get going. Gotta be to work by noon and still have stuff to do at home. Have a great day people! Love ya


  1. so, I'm proud of you trying to keep your vacation a vacation! Good for you! I will do my part by staying the heck away (unless you a just dying to see me :-)

    Any good movies I should look into seeing over the 4th? I figured Chris would be the one to ask!

    Quick rubbin' those eyeballs - it feels so good, but it is SOOOO bad!!!

    I know what you mean about Kailey - but I'll take what I can get from any of ya - anytime!!!

  2. Stay the heck away?? Nonsense..we are very excited to see you on Friday!

    Yeah, movies would be Chris' department. I know Wall-E comes out on Friday but I think we will be waiting to see it for awhile.