Saturday, June 14, 2008

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Well, it was a successful Wing Off 2008! I'll let Chris tell you all about it, I don't want to steal his thunder! But, it was a great time..always good to see my sweetheart having fun and smiling. Ashley ate her heart out. That girl can really put it away! She's growing fast..her legs are hurting her tonight. She can't grow much taller or I'll have to look up at her to yell! haha I guess then I'd know how my Mom felt :)

Our morning started early..Chris got up to get ready and I got up to put my ice cream base into the ice cream maker. The day's been so long I feel like all of this happened yesterday..but anyway, it all went fine..tastes delish. It's Benjamin Franklin's recipe for ice cream, which matches almost exactly to today's gelato recipes. So, basically, I've made a vanilla bean gelato. It's DELISH. I was worried that we might not have enough (the boys in my fam REALLY like ice cream) so I made a base for coconut lime sorbet. Will put that in the ice cream maker in the morning. Yummmmmy!! So, my fam will come over tomorrow evening for ice cream sundaes. Should be a beautiful day out so, a perfect day for ice cream.

Anyhoo..then Dave came and got Chris and they were off..then the kids and I were doin stuff around the house b4 it was time to go Father's Day shopping. We were gonna take Sadie with us but then Chris called and said that he needed a table b/c Dave couldn't share his..well, we don't have one. So, Father's Day shopping had to be postponed, and I rushed out (no more taking the dog now b/c she can't fit in the back with a table and lawn chairs) got a table and took it down to my sweet hubby so he wouldn't have to serve his wings from dishes laying on the effing ground. Bullcrap. But, I cooled off.. I just really wanted him to have a nice stress free, relaxing, fun day. Not having to deal with crap (which, by the way, was already shot to poo b/c of his morning with shirts and work). BUT, anyway..we hung out for a few hours and then were off to try to get some shopping done quickly and then get back to the house to let Sadie out. And, we did! We even beat Chris home!!! We had time to wrap stuff and get stuff together for tomorrow. The kids were finishing up just as he got home so it was perfect :)

I helped my man bring his stuff in..made some snacks for "dinner" and sat around watching tv for awhile..oh yeah and I uploaded today's pics somewhere in there. Then Chris came out and took the other couch, I changed it to RV (movie) and we both passed the hell out for about an hour and a half I think. We were so exhausted. We didn't get to bed till 1:40am this morning .. so we needed a nap! The downside to the nap is that we didn't wake up till nearly 7:45..umm that should make trying to sleep tonight interesting!!

Well, now the kiddies are getting ready for bed. We'll make a big breakfast for Daddy in the morning. He's requested to just relax, so that's what we'll do..until he changes his mind ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful Father's Day! And, Happy Father's Day to all the Daddies!! I've been blessed with a wonderful Father and friend. And my Kids have been blessed with the same. AND, I have wonderful Fathers in Law to call Dad, too!

Love you guys :)

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  1. WOW! What an eventful day you had. It sounds like you had more stress than Chris. Chris and Dave looked like they were having a blast. I'm so glad. It looked like a good time was had by all. The wings look mouth watering, the ice cream for tomorrow sounds delish. I hear you had 90 degree temps. Hope tomorrow is nice too.
    The photos are wonderful, as always. Can't wait to hear Chris' version of it. I'm sure it will be a hoot. Loved the wing dance, by the way.
    Get some much needed rest and thank you so much for the Father's Day wishes. Happy Father's Day to Chris, too.
    Love you all dearly