Monday, June 9, 2008

I'll tell you about those beauties in a sec (double click on the pic for optimal viewing)..first, though, I have to share:

Allergies are goin gang busters. I made it up to early morning, Sunday June 8th, without more than a random sneeze. I took a allergies laughed at it and pissed on it. Or that's what it seemed like they did. Continued nasal drip (my personal FAVE grr), gland hurts b/c of the post-nas-drip, itchy throat. Runny/stuffy nose filled with itching and irritation. The common areas of the subdivision all being mowed didn't help in the least. I wanted to run over the guy with the weed whacker that seemed to REALLLLY like my sidewalk..he must have come back 4 times to make sure it was done right. Then again, I was out there bending over planting flowers, surely my buttcrack showing..maybe that had something to do with it. Hey, whatever I can do to help men less fortunate than mine... LOL I anyway, on the way to work the farmers were out spraying their crops..oh sweet Jesus save me. I love the country, but for some reason it detests me.

Got to work looking like hell..Corinne just stared at me. I said, "What?" She said, "Oh nothing...did you..go camping?" LOL Then her dad came in and told me I looked like I was in pain and asked what was wrong with me. Eh deb de deb de dab de shove off, ya hea'? (that's my porky pig imitation) Corinne later told me she gave Donny (her hubby) some Reishi drops on Saturday and it helped his..I said, something to the effect of HAND IT OVER AND NO ONE GETS HURT..chugged it. It did take the edge off..hopefully it will help even more in the next few days as it builds up in my system. Plus, maybe it will keep me from having to take any medication which I am always up for.

OK, onto better the pictures you saw at the top o' the blog. The first one shows you something miraculous. A dwarf fruit tree!! I've begged Chris since we were dating to let me have a fruit tree one day. He always replied with a kind and loving and gentle, "NO. I hate those things..always had to pick up the fruit when I was a kid off of my Mom's trees." To which I said, "So? Why do I have to pay for that??" To which he replied with something like, "Oh, you're right sweet perfect wonderful angelic honey, I love you, get whatever you're the best. And, while we're at it, we'll buy you a farm and some cute lil animals to go with it. Come here and give big Daddy a hug." Oh, wait..that's not what he said. He said, "NO" and then would give me "the look". Well, yesterday when faced with a whole family pleading with him to please let Mommy get the dwarf apple tree, he gave in :) May have had something to do with it being cheaper than the other tree I wanted by quite a large margin. But, we don't think of those things.

Anyway, brought my new baby home and planted her right away in front of my living room window. Partly so I can watch it grow and see beauty outside of my window and partly so I can spy on, and beat the tar out of the kids who try to steal my apples. Sounds like a good thing to me!

So, the first pic is of my baby. The second pic is of my baby with her new family. She has joined one other weird tree/bush type thing, lots of other bushes and my big oak (probably) tree. I think she will be very happy in her new home. Today I planted pretty flowers all along the side of the house. If you look close you can see them. They are baby pink and then the other ones are mostly green but have tiny little purple flowers. But, in other news, the pansies and stuff that I planted last year in the normal flower bed have gone INSANE! All of those that you see have come back from last year..I didn't plant even ONE new one! AND, they have multiplied in mass quantities! I'm so in love. Now, quit looking closely at the picture or you'll also see all the weeds that I'm too lazy to pull. Stop it, I said!

Well, I'm itching way too much to continue this. Have a good night. I'm gonna go take a melon baller to my throat and scoop out everything I can get my hands on.

Oh yeah, and the dentist went well..nothing like the crackheads at Aspen Dental.


  1. Yes honey, the dentist DID go well. Much better for me than others. BTW, the dentist called and officially wants my teeth for their calendar. He couldn't decide with month to showcase their awesomeness so he's just gonna use them for the whole 12 months!!! HA HA HA

    oh yeah, nice tree

  2. I'd comment but I'm too busy priming my foot for the nut kicking you're about to receive

  3. P.S. He couldn't decide "with month to put them in"? Did he give you a lisp?

  4. Now now - Chris, those teeth were a gene-pool gift from your dad, not something you can take credit for! Sarah, glad the dentist didn't put you through torture and agony.

    Great looking tree! Chris, I keep telling you the beauty of having fruit trees is that you get the fruit! and the one's that fall on the ground are taken care of by YOUR fruit (of you loins, get it?)!! That's what kids are for and you have the expert experience to teach yours well. What kind of apples are they? Yum - love fresh apples off the tree!

    Sorry about the allergy attacks, but you have had a relatively symptom free spring till now - so although I feel for you, I was a tad jealous that you were missing out on all the fun!

    Love ya'll!

  5. I am no longer missing out on any fun at all, I can assure you! Fever last night..healthy green snot for 3 days now..ahh sinus infections, they're my favorite :) Was in bed all day yesterday except for having to go to work..then came home and went straight back to bed. I think it helped. Was doing a bit better today even though I had to work all day.

    The apples are called Harelson. Supposed to be crisp and and red mixed. Can't wait to try one! We have tiny ones already on there, supposed to be ripe by October. That is if this sonofabitching rain and wind doesn't kill it

  6. MMMM! Fresh apple pie or apple turnovers sound really good. That tree better produce. It better give you something to sink those perfect teeth into. You see, dentists can come in handy. Can't wait for the calendar to come out. Tell Chris I want my comp copy. Dad should get one for contibuting to the quality of his teeth.
    Ash and J would make great apple pickers. And, I'm sure they will LOVE it, just like Dad!
    The flowers are beautiful, but I do see a couple of weeds in that bed. Get on it Sarah. By cracky, make that trimmer work for his money. He can look, but he better not touch. Your humor and imagination still amaze me. You have to write a book. I know I keep saying that, but maybe for a retirment project. You both can collaberate. Think about it.
    Love you guys lots!