Thursday, June 26, 2008

So, I've been telling Jaden for the past few weeks that his training wheels were COMING OFF!! That he's WAY too old to have them on and that it needs to stop. He would tell me in response that he was never taking them off, that he liked them, and that he didn't want to bleed. Whatever, I said.

Anyway, tonight Chris was out mowing the lawn and I came outside to find Jaden riding his bike. I said, "OH no, you come up here boy, those are coming OFF." He said, "NOOOOOO!!!" I said, "YEEEESSSSS." So he came in, I ripped those suckers off and we went out to learn to ride.

He was wobbly at first..kept looking at his friends' houses instead of where he was supposed to be going ("Look at Cody's house, J, just look at Cody's house!" I kept saying) His friend Sadie lives down the street and every time we'd pass her house he'd start wiggling around. I said, "J don't think about Sadie, just think about yourself and getting to Cody's house!" He said that he wasn't thinking about Sadie. I asked, "Well, what are you thinking about then?" He said he was thinking about Preslie. I told him, "Well, then think about Preslie up in Heaven right now and how she's looking down on you and is so excited for you to ride your bike!" He said (with a smile and a sigh), "Ok, I can DO THIS!!!" And, within about 2 minutes, he was riding like the wind!! So proud of him. He kept saying, "I'm REALLY doing this! I can't believe I'm doing this!!

Well, anyway, it's been a pretty special night for all of us. The neighbors were all so proud of him, came out to smile and cheer him on and give him encouragement. And at the end of it, he gave his training wheels to one of the neighbors across the street, Diego. He was sad to be done riding for the day, but is so excited that he can ride without training wheels now! He's already planning our family bike ride tomorrow evening. :) I made him come in and take a shower..boy was drenched in sweat!

Have a great night guys, love you :)


  1. THREE CHEERS FOR OUR BIG BRAVE BOY! Grandpas are very proud of J. What a giant step for him. Give him a huge hug of pride for both of us. We saw the photos you sent and the video clip. We are so excited for him. We had big smiles on our faces. We kept saying, "look at him".
    The family bike ride should be lots of fun tomorrow. Enjoy it, all of you. It's a big first.
    Love you all.

  2. Hurraaaaahhhhhh for Jaden. Way to go, kid! how did the family bike ride go?

  3. Well, we didn't end up getting to go on a family ride last night. We had forgotten we already made plans! But, in the morning I rode with the kids and in the evening Chris rode with them. Both kids are having lots of fun riding together. J hoots and hollers in excitement pretty much the whole time. It's nice to see him so filled with joy. He needed it. The Lord is always good to bless us with joy, even in the hard times..and I'm thankful for that! Jaden is now trying to do fishy tail tricks on his bike..I'm saying "Jaden, not yet!! Let's practice riding in a straight line for awhile longer before we start trying tricks!!" OH well, boys will be boys!

  4. It was fun watching J ride last night - I was so proud of him and loved seeing that big ol' grin!

    I am so sorry about Preslie - I had heard briefly about the accident but didn't have any reference. Sounds to me like her part in God's plan was finished, but her work in and for those still here, especially her family, will go on. I am so blessed to have not had to go through that directly, but remember the agony we went through with Kenny Joe's illness and death. It is very, very hard to understand why, but when I remember him (and other children I've known whom God has taken home) it is usually with love, joy and gratitude for having had them in my life - even for so short a time.
    That's what makes it better, that's what we are meant to keep with us.
    I love you all - and will continue to pray for Preslie's family, and you all.

    And, yup ... Boys will be Boys! That's why my hair turned gray when I was 25, I swear!!!

  5. What an exciting milestone! To answer your question. has a feature where you can import everything from various blog sites to your new local. I really do like all their preset themes and features better. Check it out! See you guys in just a few days. We should be there my this next Wednesday morning and staying til the 5th. Can't wait!