Saturday, October 10, 2009


Translation:  Can't sleep.

We were just getting to sleep last night when some _____ kids came and rang our doorbell a bunch of times, waking us up and alerting the whine machine in our dogs throat, because she thought she had a new visitor to play with.

Got to sleep after that....

Around 4:15ish I wake up feeling like I'm gonna throw up everywhere.  My stomach is actually churning, felt like a bread machine.  It was very strange.  I could feel whatever is in it swishing around and contracting.  Hmm..parasites?  Alien?  Gross.  So anyway, that began the "can't sleep process" again.  Then I started feeling a bit better, was able to roll over to my other side without the Alien exposing itself all over the bed.  Felt better for a minute...then my head started pounding. WHAT?  Throw me a bone here!  I just want to SLEEP!

Then I start thinking about all of the things I need to get done.  Boy howdy (that's for you babe), do I have a TON of stuff to do.  None of it requiring just a few minutes of time.  Everything requires a significant amount of time, and with undivided attention.  So my mind starts spewing off filthy ideas to me..."You should just get started on one of the projects now."   "You have a few hours before you have to be could probably get even two of the tasks done."  "If you keep yourself busy maybe your head won't explode brain matter everywhere from the impending aneurysm."  "If you just get into the massive email you need to send, your body will forget alllll about wanting to spew food everywhere."

I'm trying to get all of the ideas out of my head, and almost accomplish this...then my bladder starts talking.  "Um, Sarah?  I kinda gotta go."  OF COURSE YOU DO!

My throat chimes in, "It's a parched and weary land in here...water please?"   NO!  Later!

Legs finish it off, "We sure are restless...maybe you should get up and take us downstairs."  FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, up I go.  Put my jammie bottoms on, come downstairs, satisfy my bladder and my legs...ignore my throat..for fear of adding more fuel to the vomit stew currently simmering in my stomach.

Mind starts speaking again, "Wonder if you're pregnant..this has been goin on for awhile now."  SHUT UP brain..hubby is babies.  "Yeah, but it's still possible..just go buy a test."  NO, it's not possible. I've had monthly proof that your babbling is NOT a thought with merit.  Plus I have nowhere to put a baby.  And, in addition to that, I don't want anymore babies.   "Maybe God wants you to have another baby."   If God wanted me to have another baby I doubt you'd be nagging me.  It would just happen.  Zip it.

Anyhoo..I came and woke my computer up from it's slumber..looked for the program I was just sure I had on this pc (used to stand for personal computer..but in this case it stands for piece.crap.) only to find that I did NOT have it on this pc.  Maybe it's on hubby's pc.  Don't feel like moving over 3 feet to find out. project #1, done..denied rather.  To the back burner it goes.   Onto project #2.  I go online trying to find templates for my next project..something to get my creativity flowing.  Nope, ghetto.  Nada.  Horrible examples.  Project #2, on the back burner next to project #1.  This leaves my information overload email that I need to get out (like 2 days ago).  It requires opening Word.  It requires going to get the spreadsheet thing so that I can tsfr it to my pc for my files...but it's in the kitchen.  And I'm in the office.  Throat thinks this would be a good idea to go out there and get the info sheet..because then, likely, I'd give into it's demands for hydration.  Nah.  Not goin in there.  Project #3..sort of on back burner.   Moving along to Project #4...lesson plan for Sunday kids church.  REALLY need to get on that.  But, the materials are in the back of the car...which is an equal distance from the office as is the kitchen.  Much too far of a walk.  And, my legs have decided they are no longer restless..but rather lazy.  Of course they have..they do this everytime I give up on sleeping.  I frequently daydream of sawing them off..with a butter knife.  Just to teach them a lesson.

Is that lavender I smell?  Why is there still lavender in my office from the Christmas presents I made LAST YEAR..or wait, was that even the year BEFORE last year?  I hate the smell of lavender.  It makes me sneeze.  It makes my nasal passages close up for winter.  I should throw it out.  Nearest trashcan is in the hall bathroom..sorta next to the garage (work).  Or in the kitchen..sorta close to the fridge which holds the water (vomit).  Nope.  Lavender stays where it is for now.

It's now 6:30.  I've been up for over 2 hours now.  Ash just woke up and is in the shower.  This means it is officially too late to go back up and try to sleep again.  My day has officially begun.  Soon my tiny son will wake up and come give me hugs and look at me with his big blue eyes.  Ash will come down and ask me how I slept and why I am up so early (even though it won't be any earlier than I normally get up).  And then after that my hubby will come in and ask me why I left so early?  How long I've been up? Am I ok?  Then he'll tell me he's sorry I had a hard time sleeping.  He'll ask me why I'm wearing his head scarf thingy and probably give my forehead some kisses.  My pup will at some point during all of this come in and love on me..acting as if she hasn't seen me in 40 years.  I just love the way she is always so excited to see me.  Dogs are lovely creatures, don't know what I'd do without her.

Well, I'm rambling.  I realize this.  I found this quote last night:

“One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised.”

Just thought I'd share that with you.  I loved it!!

Have a beautiful Saturday..find something to do that brings your heart joy..even if it's just pushing all of your projects to the back burner and enjoying some quiet time to yourself.  Love you.

We'll chat soon..


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