Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ok so how does the layout look to you?  Can you see the outside border that shows a flower?  Or is it almost all white?

If I choose the 2 column layout, it is perfect on my desk pc, but strange on my laptop.  If I choose the 3 column layout it is perfect on my laptop, but funky on my desk pc to where I can't hardly see any of the's almost completely white.

What do you see?  And what kind of computer are you using?


  1. You've been busy!! Looks good! I'm on a laptop and I see about 2 inches of the flowery stuff. Mine appears the same way to me. But I still think it looks good. I figure it's better to have less fancy stuff on the outside and more content in the blog anyways. :)

  2. Anonymous10:54 AM

    I can see the border but I have a lap top. I really like the header!

  3. Thanks! Maybe I'll keep this one for more than an hour haha

  4. barbara6:26 PM

    I see a lovely border with daisies on my laptop... looks cool.

  5. I can see the border on my laptop. It's nice and cute header. very creative