Sunday, October 4, 2009

What a great day it's been :)  Our JBQ practice was decent this morning.  I think we were all pretty sleepy.  But the kids have such a good attitude and just love the Word.  That's a good feeling.  Love to see their sweet smling faces.  They make my heart swell with joy.  Then we went into church and the last song of worship was none other than the song I posted on here this last week, With All I Am!!  Awesome.  The Lord is such a great comforter.  Love my Jesus.  Then after church we were chatting with buds and Kathy mentioned she made chicken noodle soup.  Oh YUM.  We decided we would have to make chicken pot pie for dinner tonight.  Then a bit later after she'd left her daughter came up and said "Mom says get your butts to the house for some chicken noodle soup!"  YES!!!  So excited.  It was delish.  The company was great, her house is so precious.  It's just home.  I love houses that feel like home.  Then it was off to the airport to pick up Judy & Randy!  YAHOO!!  So glad they are home.  Sad they had to leave their beautiful beach vacation, but glad they are back with us. 

It's a rainy, cold, dreary day outside.  And it's very cold inside as well!  As many of you know, I am cheap.  I don't like to run the heater or the AC anymore than absolutely necessary.  Now with not having AC at work this summer I have totally changed my view on the AC portion of my cheapness.  I want it cool.  I don't want to sweat A N Y M O R E!  But, in my home right now it is 65*.  Hey, if you're cold go put some socks on.  Grab a blanket.  Cuddle with a loved one, or your puppy. :)It would be a great day to cuddle up and watch a movie with some hot cocoa.  But, I am still thick into the 30 day fast.  So no TV for me! 

Today I decided to search out some bloggers around the world.  I've never done this.  My blog has been private since day 1, but last night I opened it up.  No more locks.  And today I figured out how to search for people with common interests!  How fun!!  Excited to get to know the new people in my life.

My hubby is on the couch across the room, reading by the soft light of the lamp.  He sure is a good looking guy.  He has the sweetest profile..which my son also has.  They are just sooo cute.  Anyway, I've got him reading Redeeming Love now.  He loves it :)  He was sceptical at first, I may have told you that.  Because the front of it looks like a trashy romance novel.  But now he's sucked into the story.  Gosh, I just cant say enough about this book.  I know, it's bordering on obsession, right?  But I have to tell you, it is literally the most beautiful book I have EVER read, next to the Bible.  Ok..I'll stop.  I won't say anything else about the book until at least a few paragraphs from now.

Ash is down at TBQ practice.  They are memorizing 1st and 2nd Corinthians this year.  She's doin great!  They are in the middle of their flocking fundraiser, she's loving doing that.  I think it's her most favorite part of the TBQ activities.  For those of you who don't know, flocking is when they go out at night and decorate peoples' lawns with lawn art...flamingo's, ladybugs, etc.  And then they leave an envelope on your door. You can donate money and/or pay insurance to not have the flockers return.  There's more to it, but to be honest, I'm not really schooled on it.  Anyway, she loves being sneeky in the cover of dark.  We haven't gotten flocked yet this year, but I'm sure it's comin!

I get to go feel my new puppy in her mommys tummy on Tuesday!!  Can't wait!  We've decided to name her Pumpkin.  Although, Taters is still my personal fave.  I will probably end up calling her punkin taters a lot. :)  Can't wait to have her in our family!!  Thanksgiving can't come soon enough.  My friend, Val, is going to get one too.  YAY!

Well, I guess I don't have much more to share today.  I'm feelin sleepy today and working on not dreading tomorrow.  To everything there is a season..and this one I will enjoy.  His mercies are new every morning, and I am so very thankful for that!  Just as today, tomorrow is also the day the Lord hath made.  And I WILL rejoice and be glad in it! 

Love you guys.  Take care of yourselves.  And, don't give up.  It's always darkest before the dawn.  But your dawn is coming!  You're never alone.

We'll chat again soon..


  1. Anonymous5:20 PM

    You are such a pro, I don't even know how to search for blogs with my same interests. How do you?

  2. I didn't know how either! I just started dinkin around today trying to figure it out. I had tried lastnight but didn't find anything. Anyway, today I noticed that my interests (profile) were all clickable links. So I clicked on one and up came blogs that also had those interests listed! So, for instance, I clicked on "Savior" and it popped up people who also have "Savior" listed as one of their interests. Then I went to their blog to see if it was one I thought I might like. Then just clicked to "follow". :)

  3. Lovin' the blog! I'm 'following" but I admit I don't get into my dashboard to check out all my fav blogs too often, so make sure to post your updates on FB so I don't miss any!! :0)

  4. HI! I happened upon your blog because I saw that you commented on Tiffany's (who I just recently found through blog hopping.)

    Anyways... LOVED Redeeming Love! AND... I made my husband read too. :) Definitely one that I recommend to everyone.

  5. Yay! My husband will be SO happy to hear that another man has read it haha He did enjoy it for sure. Glad to have you Laura! I'll have to follow you, too!