Monday, October 19, 2009

Not sure how I feel about this new blog layout.  Might be a bit dark.  Well..a bit's black.  I don't think it gets much darker than black.  :)  I want something lighter.  I will look around :)  I'm gonna get a new font.  Laura has super cool fonts on her page and I covet them.  haha 

The weekend was awesome.  Had Jen and Eric's wedding, which was so beautiful!!!  Then later that night we got invited to go to dinner with the wedding party and some others that were in town.  It was super fun :)

Guess what happened on Sunday?  MY PUPPY WAS BORN!!!!  I came running into church and Pastor says, "Did you hear??  You're gonna be a Mom!!!" So exciting :)  I left quiz practice a little early and rushed off to their to see 2 of the 6 being born.  It was truly amazing.  Was so happy to be able to be there.

I'm gonna pick up one, maybe 2 houses for cleaning. So if you or anyone you know is interested let me know.  I'm lookin at the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month.  Already have the 9am-11am slot filled.

We are getting our family pictures taken on the 31st by our friend Heather!  Her pictures are AMAZING.  We did a barter..she and her husband got a ton of our landscaping rocks and we get pictures!  I told her I think we got the better end of the deal :)  Anyway, we have no idea what we will wear, maybe jammies if all else fails :)  That would be SO US!  hmm  I'm sure one of the pics will make it onto the Christmas card, but I'll email you some once we get them.

This coming weekend on Saturday we have a get together planned and then on Sunday we have DeAnna's baby shower!  Can't wait to see her and Monet..and Gramma.  I haven't gotten to spend time with my Gramma in a long time.  Makes me sad.

Chris is down making fresh popcorn.  I'm not a big fan of the corn but I LOVE butter and I'm looking forward to it :) haha

I got another call for a job interview today..from a woman who sounded so miserable.  I thought hmmm..maybe I should go take that happy job instead of staying home!  haha yeah, right.  When I called her back to let her know I'm no longer pursuing employment the lady says all urrrgishly (new word), "Let me know if it doesn't work out."  OOh yes, I will.  Good Lord.  Why would anyone want to interview for a job with someone who sounds like they hate their job?????  Oh well..matters not.

I suppose I should take my resume off of the job sites. 

I ironed clothes last night.  I love ironing.  I quit doing it a long time ago.  But, oh my gosh I love to iron.  Glad I decided to do it.  It's such a relaxing way to pass the time.  I love the sound of the steam.

I found out that it wasn't too late to get J into the homeschool program we want (for this and next year at least).  So exciting!  And one of the things he will get to learn is sign language.  So fun!  I think we will wait and do this portion of his schooling when Ash gets home so we can all learn together.  Really excited for that.

Not sure I'm happy with the direction Amy and Matt are taking in Little People Big World.  What do you think of the season so far?

Looks like we will be co-opping the tamale making this year for Christmas with Chris' family.  And that it will be at Chris' cousin Renee's house instead of his Grandparents.  Will be different, but so fun!  I'm excited to get to be part of the preparation again this year.  Wasn't able to get the time off last year..which was sad.  Especially since it was probably the last year that Gramma would participate in making them.  But I'm sure she will let us know if we make them right or wrong this year! :)  She's so cute.

Well, I guess I better go for now.  But enjoy your evening.  Make the most out of even the littlest joys.  Because the the little joys add up quick, if you let them :)

We'll chat soon..

**UPDATE:  I changed the blog to a new color..still not sure about it, but at least it's not so dark :)


  1. Anonymous10:54 PM

    I think you should wear jammies for your pictures, that would be fun. Jammies and piles of leaves, how cute would that be?

  2. Here are some sites you might like to help you get backgrounds, cool things and awesome fonts....

    The fonts were a bit tricky but worth it!!

    Here is a good blog on what to wear for pictures...

    You will find that I have have a website or book or strange fact for just about anything. :) And I will take up one of your house cleaning spots! HA! I hate cleaning. I always say if we ever have EXCESS money the first things I will purchase are a cook and a maid.

  3. Barbara8:34 PM

    You sound great ... isn't peace a wonderful thing! Glad there are plans for the tamales and that there will be way less work for Bea. She cracked her pelvis, did you know? At least I think it was her pelvis. Anyway, she is on bed rest (yeah, right!) and Frank says she is doing much better. Using a walker which she hates! You're right, she is cute... cuter now than when she was my mother-in-law that's for sure! She's mellowed with age...heck, I've mellowed with age! Loves to you all

  4. **Yeah, sounds like she's doing better and being good about resting. Not being able to take good pain meds probably helps with the resting..hurts too much to move!

    **Thanks for the links, Laura!! Stupid question maybe, but where do you live? Are you in Idaho? This is probably on your page and I just haven't noticed.

    **Tiff, I know right!!! I think Jammies would be fun. I'm not sure Chris would go for it though. Considering we only have on family picture to our names! He probably wants something with real clothes on. Plus he sleeps in the nude so that might not make for the most appropriate picture. JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!! I crack me up.

  5. Holy Lord, Laura, it's going to take me an hour to get my fonts!!!!

  6. I told you the fonts take time! I had some issues when I was first trying to figure it out but I stuck with it and finally got it. And I love it. Then I had to help my friend who was having issues too haha. I'm kind of obsessed with making my blog cute but I really try not to change it every week. But once I get started it's a complete overhaul.

  7. Oh... and I live near Pittsburgh, PA. Why did you think Idaho haha?

  8. I'm in Idaho..was just wondering how close we were! Would have been fun to hang out. Oh well, cyberspace hanging out will have to do!

    I think once I find a layout and all of the stuff that I want to go with it I will stick with it for awhile..especially if it takes me a month to get it "good"! But it will be a process for sure. Last night I almost just sent you my password and said "HELP"! But it's good I learn it on my own..ish. :)

  9. haha... I would have helped.

    And yes it would have been fun to hang out. I have met some really cool people online and have actually become great friends with them. One I have been talking to for at least four years now. It's crazy! I need to meet some of these people some day for REAL! I say we all find a good women's conference and find a way there. :)