Monday, October 26, 2009

It's super windy outside. My leaves are tryin their very best to hold onto the branches but they are failing. Soon I will be looking at empty trees. Anyhoo, looks like a storm's rolling in. I heard nasty rumors of snow this week. But I refuse to go there.

Deanna's baby shower was yesterday and it was so cute! We had a good time. She's such a sweetie. Can't wait to meet my new nephew! Monet (her 1 yr old, my niece!) was so entertaining! She had everyone laughing.

Saturday we had friends over. Chris made his famous tomtato soup (if you you think you'd hate it, you're wrong!). And Kathy brought over her jambalaya and Mississippi mud cakes. Georgiann brought pumpkin cake (which I finished off tonight!). Pastor Joe & Steph brought cheesecake! Needless to say, we ate very well :)

OK now the wind is blowing at Texas strength. I don't like that. MY TREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They better not break in half! EEEK!!

I'm gonna make dark chocolate truffles tonight for the first time. We have a girls night at Pastor's house tomorrow night. It's a chocolate theme! So everyone has to bring something chocolate-y to share. YUMMM Anyway, I won't have time to make them tomorrow so I'm doing it tonight. I hope they turn out yummy!

It's raining now.

I'm probably gonna have to make some hot chocolate now.

I'm feeling like I'm a boring blogger today..and lately. Sorry!!

Hey, guess what, Monday is almost over!! It's one day closer to the weekend! Hip Hip HOORAY!

Love you much. Take care of you. You're important to me, so don't neglect yourself! xoxo

Isaiah 40:31


  1. I was cracking up at all your random changes in topic and the constant update of the wind and weather haha. Not a boring blogger.

  2. Hello! I saw that you were following me and figured I'd come say hi! Sounds like you're keeping pretty busy. Dark chocolate truffles sound soooooooo good -- if they turn out well post the recipe for them PLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!